fifa10.6While it might not be nearly in the same category as the devastating decision by the Court of Appeal on Friday, today Government lost another important case in Court. The last time we spoke to a representative of the Football Federation of Belize, we were told that the entity had taken GOB to court after being decertified.

As we understand it, despite the fire, fury and venom displayed by Prime Minister Dean Barrow and Minister of Sports John Saldivar against the FFB, this morning in the Court of Justice Minette Bertram Hafiz, events were concluded without fanfare.

Sources tell us that the only argument put up by GOBs attorneys was that it had not been given the statutes of the FFB. At that point FFB presented its constitution and after a meeting in chambers with both parties attorneys, it was decided by Justice Hafiz that the government had no cause to decertify the FFB.

When we spoke to a source from the FFB this evening, we were told that the body expects to be registered by the end of this month, which is Thursday, and the home game against Montserrat which was postponed will be played on July 10th. Of course, that source also told us that while the FFB is optimistic, they are guardedly so since based on the very recent case with BTL, Court decisions are not as sacrosanct as they would appear, at least when the judgment is against the government.

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