no-photoOver the past few weeks the District of Corozal has played witness to a number of robberies. Statistics from the Corozal Police Department show that to date, there have been approximately 10 reported cases of robberies including those committed with firearms. The most recent case added to the list occurred on Holy Thursday a little before 9:00pm.

This time, 51 year old Chinese Nationalized Belizean, Wei Shi Lui, was the victim. Around 8:55pm Lui and his sister were inside Chinese Shop located on 6th Avenue, Corozal Town, when three persons entered the store as Lui was closing for business. The three men, including one armed with a shotgun and another with a machete, ordered Lui and his sister to lie on the floor.

According to Lui, the unarmed individual walked towards the counter, broke the cash register and stole $400.00 in different denominations. 


Satisfied with the proceeds, the men then ran out of the shop making good their escape. Lui was unable to see the faces of the men and is unable to recall how they were dressed. He did tell police though, that the men were tall, slim and of dark complexion. So far no one has been detained and investigations continue.

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