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Screen_Shot_2014-04-22_at_7.56.11_PMHow to properly dispose of household garbage is a problem faced around the world. If you thought that the biggest problems are faced by first and second world countries, you might want to think again. Statistics show that one person produces up to 4.3 pounds of garbage a day. Multiply that by our population in Belize – a little of three hundred thousand people.


But there is no need to go that far because we can do the math for our population in Orange Walk Town alone. And this is also where the Orange Walk Town Council is getting their campaign on civic pride in an effort to clean up the town and keep it that way. Today, the Town Council along with several other groups launched the civic pride campaign at Town Hall. It’s an effort to encourage more cleanliness and love for this beloved town. Dalila Ical reports.

Dalila Ical – Reporting

Ian Cal

“What we plan to do is one; we plan to visit different schools and to speak more about this campaign but first of all we are developing a mascot which we will be taking along with us in the different schools where skits will be played and we go to speak about the children about civic pride and how to dispose the garbage properly and what to do and what not to do which the message is coming across as well with the poster and with the ad.”

Deputy Mayor Ian Cal and the entire Council in collaboration with the Belize Tourism Industry Association, NICH, JICA, Explorers, Rotary, Rotaract, Citizens Keeping it Clean, Ministries of Health and Education are all joining efforts to encourage more civic pride in Orange Walk Town.

With the launch of the campaign, the aim is to educate the public on how to properly dispose of their garbage. The day started off with a simultaneous appearance by those involved in all local radio stations promoting the initiative.  The work continues as early as Saturday, April 26th when all groups will be cleaning different areas within town.

The education process will continue as necessary and there are plans to also enforce existing laws on garbage disposal.

Ian Cal

“Those laws are not enforced and they have never been enforced and so what the citizens are asking and what the public at large is asking is why don’t we enforce those laws so what we want to do is that we want the education process to start and after sensitizing the public of what to do and what not to do and then we can start enforcing them and how we plan to go around enforcing them is one; we need to start empowering our wardens, our traffic officers and anyone who wants to get involved but that is in the plans we want to see how we can empower people to give out tickets so if they catch someone throwing garbage somewhere other than a dirt bin you can be fined.”


It’s a serious problem. Besides being an eye sore and unappealing to visitors, scattered plastic bags, cans, bottles and Styrofoam are hazardous to the environment. Osmany Salas of BTIA and CKIC says it’s not just one man or a group’s responsibility.

Osmani Salas

“This is our community and just like our home we try to keep it clean and our community is our larger home and we should have the responsibility to keep it clean and looking tidy and it is our combining responsibility so the reward for not littering, for pride in community is that we will have a healthy looking community, community that we will be proud of and that people would want to visit.”

The public is invited to join in on Saturday’s clean up activity but the invitation is extended to everyone to join in the campaign.

Ian Cal

“The business community, the Hindu community, the Chinese community and we inviting the schools specially those who have environmental groups to come onboard and see how we can move this forward but like I said this is something that has to be continuous it is not just toady or just this council or these groups it has to be a more bigger initiative from the public at large.”

The ad and posters for the campaign were also presented this morning.

Anyone interested in joining the cleanup campaign on Saturday is welcome to meet the groups at the Central Park at six in the morning. If you are interested in joining the entire civic pride campaign efforts you can contact the Orange Walk Town Council.

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