no-photoAs mentioned in the story, while the participation of the Belize Sugar Cane farmers Association was dismal in this weekend’s Sugarfest, it wasn’t because they did not receive an invitation on behalf of BSI/ASR.


So why the boycott? Well, while representatives of the BSCFA refused to comment on camera, we understand that the move forms part of the association’s plan of action to show their discontent with the way the negotiations of payment for Bagasse are going.


A bulletin we received indicated to farmers to desist from attending the Sugarfest. BSCFA stated that a celebration could not take place when BSI/ASR proposes to pay cane farmers only .51 cents per ton of cane for the Bagasse and is unwilling to negotiate a just payment. In the release BSCFA accuses BSI/ASR of using Bagasse money to finance the Sugarfest. At the end of the release the BSCFA asks its members to remain strong and united.

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