The 2010/2011 crop season came to a close on Friday at 6:00pm and from all indications and figures despite the fact that the estimated 1.5 million tons of cane was not delivered to the factory, it was a good one. Final figures show that the average TCTS was excellent meaning that for the entire crop quality cane was delivered to the factory. In fact we can go so far as to say that this years TCTS was a record breaker.

johngJohn Gillett- B.S.I. Factory Manager

“The crop went well it has been the very best we have ever seen here at Tower Hill as a matter of fact we average 8.5 tons of cane to make one ton of sugar as compared to the very best which I think was in 2003 when it was 9.04%. Yes, of course it was, because I said the average is 8.5 tons of cane per ton of sugar and we have seen the very best in some weeks, maybe about three weeks ago, when it went as low as 7.75 tons of cane to make one ton of sugar.”

But while the TCTS showed great improvement there is still more that needs to be done, according to Gillett.

John Gillett- B.S.I Factory Manager

“While we know that farmers deliver within a certain time frame, if you go in some of the villages you will some trucks being parked from the night before, there is no need for that, that cane could be delivered even fresher. I believe that the average kill to mill this year is around thirty six hours, if that could be further improve to around twenty four hours the amount of sugar available in the cane would even be more. From our side we did have our problems and we must say that we could have contributed a little more towards the improvement of quality likewise because we had shared problems at times and we will not run away from that but overall the factory performed well and in terms of programs sent out by the quality improvement. We will certainly be looking at reducing the amount of days that we take for the crop, this year when we look at it we just took 169 days that has been the lowest we have even operated in recent time, so we are looking to improve and reducing the crop.”

Final figures show that the factory received and milled a total of 843,745 tons of cane producing 99,214 tons of sugar and 28,643 tons of final molasses. Compared to last year, figures also show that mud levels receded by half this year as it went from 8.58% to 4.60%. While last year a total of 100,841 tons of mud was received by the factory this year the actual mud processed was 38,837 tons. All in all despite the factorys hiccups it was a good crop season.

The 2011/2012 crop season is set to commence the last week of November or the first week in the month of December.

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