btlBefore we get to todays events as we promised, first we must touch on a couple of releases the first from Belize Telemedia Limited on Saturday. We maybe we should clarify that. It was a release from Dean Boyce et al written on the BTL letterhead. The release states, and I quote the shareholder and Board of BTL from whom the Government attempted to take BTL away once again have full ownership and control of BTL. No further order of the Court is required to confirm this as the terms of the Judgment are clear.”

The release further states, and I quote The suggestion that a further order is required telling the government to give up possession of BTL is just wrong…if any Party seeks to physically prevent the shareholders and the Board of BTL from entering BTL premises and exercising control over the company, then they will be committing a criminal offence.”

Well, criminal offence or not, thats exactly what the Government did, and is still doing. But one good release deserves another, and today the Government fired back at the release sent over the weekend.

Sent from the press office and referring to the release sent by Dean Boyce, the GOB release started with, and I quote that release falsely uses the BTL letterhead and wrongly purports to be made in the name of the Board of Directors of Belize Telemedia Limited.

Government reiterates the position that the only valid Telemedia Board of Directors that is in existence is the one headed by Executive Chairman Net Vasquez. That will remain the case unless and until the courts of Belize order otherwise.”

So today, Dean Boyce and the previous owners of BTL have set up a parallel ownership team, so to speak, and have been busy writing to banks and other organizations to inform them that Government has no authority to issue any instructions on behalf of BTL.

There is also word today that the employees of BTL have been advised by Dean Boyce and company that they are not to follow the instructions of the Barrow appointed Board.

Meanwhile, attorneys on behalf of the previous owners have applied for an enforcement order, since GOB has said that it wont move without that order.

So at news time tonight, that is where we stand, with GOB running BTL on the strength of the armed Police and BDF guarding the compound. We have no doubt that there will be some serious fireworks going off in the days ahead. Well have more on this story in tomorrows newscast.

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