The confrontations emerging from the Shipyard community is a complicated matter that is centered on religious belief and practices. There are also allegations that the police have been bribed by several elders within the community to ensure they run their community as they see fit. Second in Command at the Orange Walk Police Formation Selvyn Tillett rejects these accusations adding that Shipyard is well within authorities’ reach and control.


Screen_Shot_2014-04-29_at_7.47.35_PMSelvyn Tillett

“Shipyard is part of Orange Walk, is part of Belize so we have jurisdiction over that.”

Dalila ical - Reporter

“There are allegations from certain sections of the community that police is being bribed by the elders and those who leads the church and have these strict rules in order to have things run their way in the community, what is your comment on that?”

Selvyn Tillett

“You said allegations and allegations will be made and that is way to be proof.”

Dalila ical - Reporter

“Do you have any occasion or anytime when there are any reports or any officer receiving money to be one sided?”


Selvyn Tillett

“This is news to me and this is the first time I heard this allegation, first time.”


As for the reports that police has been one sided and haven’t acted upon reports made by those outcast from the religion at Shipyard, Tillett again emphasizes that the police has done its best to act upon their oath.

Selvyn Tillett

“We are here to listen to people and try to carry on our job to the best of our ability, I had to take part for no one if it is old, rich, poor our job is to try and be as fair as possible as we can.”

Police say they are treating the Franz Petkau case as fairly as they can and continue to investigate the incident.

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