Screen_Shot_2014-04-29_at_7.48.05_PMThe Fire Department is predicting warmer and drier conditions in the coming months, increasing the risk of bushfires. Today, one such incident occurred at the Savannah where large plumes of smoke blanketed the skies. When we arrived fire personnel were monitoring the situation and told us that they expect more calls of bush fires but that residents can do their part in the prevention process. Kenneth Mortis is the Fire Chief at the Orange Walk Fire Department.

Kenneth Mortis – Fire Chief, OWFD

“Right now we are experiencing an extra dry that started a bit early so from the fire department stand point we will be face with these types of emergencies primarily the savannah which is well known through Orange Walk town what we pretty much try to advice the public is that while we the fire department will respond to all the calls we have we would remind that we will be getting more than one so if you can start doing your early prevention s that if you are faced with something like this then we can have probably a garden hose to just minimize the damage and to try to keep your vegetation as low as possible and if your neighbour vegetation is in proportion asked them to keep it low, manageable that if a wild fire like this should jump then your property can withstand the damage until the fire department arrives.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“So a fire like this one is not really threatening to any households but I notice you guys are still m monitoring the situation.”

Kenneth Mortis – Fire Chief, OWFD

“Yes it is not a direct treat but roughly fifty feet from the neighbour’s property we are surrounded by some high trees which is slowing down the progress of the fire but in the event that it do jumps then yes we are here to provide a coverage as best as we do.”

Mortis says their trucks are fully equipped and a six man team is readily on hand to extinguish any threatening fires.

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