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Following a few months of going silent, the Alliance of Leaders and Ministers of Belize issued a press release over the weekend and they are back on their attempts to force government’s hand into retracting the Revised Gender Policy and this time around have added four more requests. In their release, the Alliance states that they are giving the government a thirty day deadline, until May 31st to retract the Gender Policy. The Alliance falls under Belize Can which is headed by President Patrick Menzies. He says they again reiterate that they will not stand idly while government implements the policy and quote “the destructive laws that it will force the government to implement” end of quote.

Screen_Shot_2014-05-05_at_8.37.23_PMPatrick Menzies

“Phase one was the making of the nation declaring July of last year constitutional awareness month.  Phase two with a spiritual strategy where we occupied the national assembly area which is the Independence Plaza with 21 days, we did videos, we prayed, we had services then we went from there into the education strategy which is when we got signatures from thousands of people telling the government to withdraw then from there we went to a technological strategy we start using e-mails and text as a matter of fact the Prime Minister we were told he had to change his cellphone number because we texted him so much and from there we went to the strategy five which was recruiting organizations to join us and then strategy six was when we did the school boycott and now we are in number seven which is the perfect number of God and this is called occupying Belmopan and if the government does not retract by the 31st of May sometime after that there will be action taken in Belmopan and it will be affected nationwide.”


Dalila Ical – Reporter

“Can you say at this point what kind of action you are talking about?”

Patrick Menzies

“Well, all I can say is that one we are going to occupy Belmopan until the government retracts the gender policy completely or the government decides you know something is better if we go home and call the general elections for the next six months whichever one they decide if they want to go home that is fine or if they want to retract that is fine but we are not leaving until something occurs.”

Menzies says over the weeks they have been able to get continued support and adds that quote “we are growing by the day”. There are four other things that the Alliance is asking the government to act on. Menzies explains.


Patrick Menzies

“#2 is the declaration of gender is male or female only the gender policy has an elaborate explanation what gender is and basically is whatever you want it to be depends of how do you feel and historical and socio-economic  times so it is really ridiculous and we reject that. #3 putting an end to victimization in Belize by government and private sector, the government has to take specific action and steps towards strengthening laws against victimization because both the red does it to the blue and the blue does it to the red and other people does it to each other and it is illegal and it is wrong and it is unconstitutional, next we want to keep the preamble of the constitution as is meaning the only way it should change the preamble is if it is voted upon a national referendum, many Belizeans don’t know that it is actually in the constitution reality is that gender means male or female and that is good but gender does not mean male or female then that is a problem and we don’t want this to happen again unless Belizeans has a voted on it. #5 is the retraction of the new amendment to section 60 of the code which talks about cruelty to children including abandonment, a law was passed in December that talks about abandonment and talks about cruelty to children and says basically that if you willfully abuse a child that is below the age of 12 you can go to jail from 15 years to life and if it is between 17 and 12 years old you go to jail for 10 years but what is abuse is open to anybody interpretation.”

We will keep following the story as it develops.

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