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Screen_Shot_2014-05-05_at_8.36.45_PMDay one of the Primary School Examinations was held on April seventh. Fast-forward to today, and almost a full month has gone by and the second half of the exams were sat by over seven thousand students countrywide. The exams are an important part of the student’s education as they transition into secondary school. When students sat the first two papers, English papers one and two and science, we were there to find out the reactions of a few of them as they came out of class. Today, we asked them once more what their experience was like.

Dalila Ical – Reporting

As hundreds of students poured out of their temporary classes today, they were smiling and had much to talk about. It was a time to breathe after sitting the last two papers in the PSE, Mathematics and Social Studies.

The math paper has always proven to be the most feared and for a few the most challenging, but overall, the confident boys and girls we spoke with today say they feel they managed rather well.

Abner Valledarez

“Because of the help of school and from home you combine those and you get a passing mark on PSE.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“Was there any part of today’s exam that was hard for you?”

Abner Valledarez

“Not really, I just prepared and this weekend I just studied a lot thanks to my mom and my teachers and maybe I can get a passing mark on the PSE and there is a 95% chance I get a passing mark.”

Maria Ayuso

“It was easy you needed to focus read and understand.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“So today you did Social Studies and Math, right was there any problem on the math papers which I know a lot of students find difficulty on that was there any part that was hard for you?”

Maria Ayuso

“Not really but the GST is a problem for me but overall I know I did well on.”

Briani Tun

“The exam was pretty kind of hard the problem solving but then the rest was kind of easy because I got help from home and at school so it became easy for me. Well some of the questions were some kind of difficult for me because I didn’t find it on the notes that they gave me but after all I got through and it kept easy afterwards.”

And still on math, a few students say problem solving was the most challenging part of the paper.

Kimayri Hernandez

“Problem solving was the challenging one.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter


Kimayri Hernandez

“Because there were some problems that I didn’t really get but we did prepared a lot.”

Jaime Castillo

“Today’s exams were very hard but I found a way to do the problems. The problem solving was hard, some were easy but some were very hard so what I did was to trust on myself and do the work. I think I am going to score a good mark on most of them.”

So, all that’s left now is to wait and hope that all that hard work and hours invested into studying will pay off. And after their experience, these youngsters had a few words of advice for students still in standard five and lower classes.

Maria Ayuso

“To just study hard and do all your home works.”

Alyssa Castillo

“It’s not very hard to do and not to get nervous but just be focus.”

Briani Tun

“Try harder because in standard six is like they are jamming you with a lot of work for PSE and not because they are strict but they want to help you with your work and they want you to have good grades.”

But above all things, Jaime says you must also believe in yourself.

Jaime Castillo

“Work very hard, has confidence and trust in you.”

The results of the Primary School Examinations will be known in June.

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