pup3And in a welcome break from petty politics and power plays, we jump to some positive politics. Yesterday the Orange Walk Peoples Stadium reverberated with cheers and chants as the blue machinery went into overdrive for the endorsement convention of the Leader of the Peoples United Party and Orange Walk Central Area Representative the Honorable John Briceno. Party supporters from all over the country came out en masse despite the inclement weather. Our news team was present for the entire event and put together the highlights of the day.

Carmelita Perez-Reporter

As the good old song goes, rain can’t stop the reggae jam, no rain could tamper with yesterday’s convention entitled PUP TOGETHER. Buses filled with party supporters from across the country just kept rolling in.

Supporters waving their blue and white flags, proud to be members of the People’s United Party, walked side by side with their area representative as they made their way to the Orange Walk People’s Stadium.

The wave of blue came on foot, in buses and private vehicles ready to endorse the man who would lead the party back to Belmopan, the Honorable John Briceno. By the time the drum beats started the blue and with flag waved proudly in the air and the parade headed towards the stadium.

At the Orange Walk People’s Stadium thousands of party supporters were waiting for the arrival of the ship’s captain. The love and support for the party leader was overwhelming.

With Briceno officially sworn in as the Standard Bearer for Orange Walk Central, Team Belize was complete. All standard bearers pledged their support to the Leader of the Party and committed to joining him in battle against the UDP.

Kevin Bernard- President BYM

“You have come to my home town to bear witness to the love and the confidence we here in Orange Walk have for the Honourable John Briceno. He doesn’t need bus full up of signs, saying how we love our representative, all or Orange Walk knows that Johnny is our representative and no matter who they bring we will beat them.”

Julius Espat- P.U.P Cayo South Standard Bearer

“John Briceno es considerado como un Faro de esperanza para el pueblo de Orange Walk, para nosotros sus colegas y para todo el país de Belice, el es el hombre que nos llevara a la victoria, un hombre de honor, un hombre que es humilde, sencillo, directo, inteligente y la verdadera definición de un leader.”

Oscar Requena- P.U.P Toledo West Standard Bearer

“I am humble indeed to be a part of this team under the great leadership of the honourable John Briceno. The honourable John Briceno is a true leader, he has walked the trenches with us, he has sat down and listens to people on their concern and he has been able to sit down and address whatever issues he can and I can ensure you that the Honourable John Briceno together with team Belize will ensure we take care of this country to restore back Belize.”

Gregorio ‘Papas’ Garcia Jr. - P.U.P Corozal Bay Standard Bearer

“As a young leader, I am not only energized to lead Corozalenos to victory but also to be a part of this team a team of thinkers, a team of innovators this is the team to be of, “Team Belize”. And under the leadership of John Briceno, who has the patience, knowledge and experience to take us forward.”

pup2Patty Arceo- P.U.P Belize Rural South Standard Bearer

“A través de John Briceno casi todo Beliceño pudo adquirir su terrenito sea si está viviendo en San Pedro, Cayo hicaco, Orange Walk. The lent and breath of this country everybody got a piece of land, however, while one Orange Walkeno gave us our land another Orange Walkeno came and took it away from us but come twenty thirteen it will take another Orange Walkeno to give back to our people what they rightly deserve starting with their piece of land.”

Anthony Mahler- P.U.P Caribbean Shores Standard Bearer

“It is time that we stand up, team 31 and all of you here today. Stand up for a better Belize, stand up for the PUP, stand up for the people for Belize.”

Collet Montejo- P.U.P Cayo Central Standard Bearer

“The people in this country are saying, that the Dean Barrow government are the real squatters. They are the real squatters, they are in Belmopan and they have no place there, so come 2013 and all of us and thousands more Belizeans will go to the polls and in the right way we will say to them “Get out” and we will invite our new Prime Minister Honourable John Briceno to Belmopan.”

Honorable Florencio Marin Jr.- P.U.P Corozal South East Standard Bearer

“We have a government right now that seems to be thinking with a colonial mentality, with a nineteen century mentality, we now live in the twenty-first century. We have a leader who understands and who is working with the continuous modernization of this country, whilst we have a Prime Minister who somehow can’t seem to get it, everything for him is a fight, everything for him is to see how he can victimize and take away, he want to take away our lands, I can promise you that at least in my area I have spoken with the leader already and we are going to return every single land that they have taken in our area and that I assure you.”

Doctor Marco Tulio Mendez- P.U.P Orange Walk East Standard Bearer

“I know that with our party leader, with his leadership, with his vision we are going to improve the lives of our Belizean people. We are going to improve this entire country with this disaster that they have created.”

Rodwell Ferguson- P.U.P Stann Creek West Standard Bearer

“Today we come in numbers to show support and solidarity to the great Leader of the People’s United Party. Johnny Briceno you have been chosen by God to lead us into victory and 2013 you will become the next Prime Minister of Belize.”

Orlando Habet- P.U.P Cayo North Standard Bearer

“Honourable party leader the Western Caucus has made a resolution and we have resolved that when general election comes around the Cayo District will deliver the PUP for Cayo and join you in Belmopan to be the next government of the people of Belize.”

Carolyn Trench-Sandiford – P.U.P. Collet Standard Bearer

“We have put again together a team, a team with tremendous skills, tremendous track record, tremendous experience and that team is going to be lead by the Honourable John Briceno and we will have a Peoples’ United Party government. But more importantly we have a leader, a leader who brings quality that we need at this time, qualities of humility, qualities of compassion because he know the plight of the people because he has been there.”

Mike Espat- P.U.P Toledo East Standard Bearer

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are all here supporting our party leader. Our party leader has been with us, I, Ivan Ramos, Oscar Requena from Toledo West, in all the back villages in the Toledo district. I have never seen him complain sitting down with people that are very poor, eating with them in their homes, sharing with them in their homes, Said Musa used to do the same thing, George price used to do the same thing and our leader has followed the lead to be a leader that is not afraid to sit down with the people of this country no matter how poor them are, that is the difference between the Peoples’ United Party and United Democratic Party.”

Francis Fonseca- P.U.P Freetown Standard Bearer

“Let me tell you why John Briceno will beat Dean Barrow, why he will lead us to victory in the next election and why Dean Barrow will fall in defeat. Dean Barrow likes to talk, he is a pretty talker, he talks prettier than all of us but he doesn’t work harder than John Briceno and that is why Johnny will beat him, Johnny works harder than Dean Barrow. He works harder, he listens better and he cares more about the Belizean people that is why John Briceno and the Peoples’ United Party will beat Dean Barrow and the United Democratic Party whenever they decide to call the election.”

Said Musa- P.U.P Fort George Standard Bearer

“We have a Prime Minister who is a nasty bully, you see how he tried to eat me in the house, call me all kinds of things, he think he can fight me, he think he could intimidate me but like I tell him “No watch me, Watch yourself!” You going down Barrow, you are going down. He is a lying nepotistic dictator, that’s what he is and the people have had enough, the people want PUP under John Briceno, the want John Briceno to be the next Prime Minister of Belize.”

And then it was time for the man who is leading the charge to address the massive crowd. As Orange Walk Central Area Representative John Briceno took the podium the message was strong and crystal clear - the P.U.P is back.

John Briceno- Orange Walk Central Area Representative

“Let the word go forth from this place that the blue is on, let the foundation of this Peoples’ stadium rock form the great party, el Partido Unido del Pueblo, let the entire nation know from north to south from east to west that the PUP is ready to rescue Belize again. We have heard the cries of the Belizean people, they are saying to us we tired of having nothing, we are tired of the lie, we are tired of the broken promises and we are tired of the UDP. We have seen and heard enough of Dean Barrow, no more false promises, no more imagining, no more pain and sorrow enough basta, so today go forth and let the cry sound out in this nation we dah blue, we dah blue, together PUP,PUP. My friends it is a great privilege to be called to serve the people of Orange Walk Central. And so it is with humility and honour that I accept the nomination to serve as the next standard bearer and representative for the people of Orange Walk Central. All of us here today know that the works ahead is not going to be easy but we are not afraid because we are the party of independence, we are the party of George Price, Harry Courtney, David McCoy, Sam Waight, Polo Briceno, Florencio Marin Sr., Olga Marin. This party continues to bring forth strong men and women who believe in big ideas, who know sacrifice and who is never afraid of the future. Mr friend we have to put Belize back to work again, because we can believe again, believes in the Peoples’ United Party. So, we the PUP never gives up, we stand up and we fight, so hope lives once again for the People United Party and with guidance of the creator we will prevail for when we fight together there is no force in this nation together that can defeat the Peoples’ United Party, we dah blue, w dah blue, PUP, PUP, que viva el Partido Unido del Pueblo.”

With its 31 standard bearers in place, the PUP now embarks on its selection of slates which will contest municipal elections next year.

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