cannon9.5.14A young man was shot by a Belmopan Police officer this morning after he decided to be the main character of what can only be described as a robbery spree.

Just before 10:00 this morning 25 year-old Cannon Augustine Obispo, a resident of Teakettle Village reportedly walked into Classics, a clothing store, and asked to try on approximately $210 worth of brand new clothes and a pair of tennis shoes.  The Shop vendor, then asked him to pay for the items, but instead he walked out of store without handing over any money.

Ctv3 news understands that the vendor reported to have seen the gentle man walking over to Scotia Bank across the street, and so he waited outside, thinking that Obispo went there to withdraw money to pay for the clothes.

But Obispo had different plans for the day. He joined the line like any other customer, and while he was nearing the front, he walked up to the counter while another customer was making a cash deposit.

Supt. Howell Gillett - OC, Belmopan Police

"He allegedly went to Scotia Bank. A customer was depositing some money and he grab that money from the counter where the customer was depositing and ran towards Slim Lane."

Before Obispo could flee he had to confront the vendor from the store who was waiting to be paid for the clothes he stole.

When he approached Obispo, the alleged thief pulled out a machete that he had tucked away in an effort to scare him off. That's when an on-duty Belmopan Police Officer passed by and was alerted of the situation.

Supt. Howell Gillett - OC, Belmopan Police

"An on-duty police officer was nearby and the matter was reported to him and he pursued the guy towards Slim Lane. He went on the opposite side near Ministry of Works where he encountered the guy. The man had a machete with him and the police engaged with this person and he was shot in the abdomen and in the left leg. The total sum of money has reported stolen is $6,500.00. We so far have recovered $5,500.00 of that money, so somewhere between the bank and where he was engage with the police he got rid of $1,000.00. The police who initially responded to the scene was injured in the neck area and other parts to the body. He is now seeking medical attention at the Western Regional Hospital."

It is alleged that Obispo while on his way out of the bank grab approximately $6,500.00

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