Screen_Shot_2014-05-13_at_7.49.48_PMGovernment’s spending of public funds, eight hundred and fifty thousand dollars to be exact, has many people questioning the judgment of the government and its priorities.  As we reported last night, all seventeen UDP Area Representatives were handed fifty thousand dollars each to hold a mother’s day program in their respective constituencies. The money, we understand, was specifically for a Mothers’ Day program but many of the representatives found it much easier to distribute the money to mothers. Reports are that it was not equally done either as only party supporters were handed money between fifty to three hundred dollars each.

Mothers in Orange Walk North it seems received their share today. Women of all ages lined outside of the treasury office in Orange Walk Town to collect their share of the cash. No one could say how much they were receiving but we were made to understand that the women who received the money were handpicked by Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega.

In the North, we reported that Corozal Bay Area Representative Pablo Marin gave out $46,000 in one hundred dollar grants but his records show that four thousand of the full amount handed to him is unaccounted for. Corozal North Area Representative Hugo Patt, for his part, gave out the full fifty grand. Well, at least that’s what documents leaked out show. It is of note that PUP representatives did not receive the grant money from government but despite that, many still celebrated mothers within their constituencies.

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