Late this evening we also managed to reach Leader of the Opposition John Briceno by phone, and he pulled no punches and spared no feelings in regard to the military takeover of BTL by the Government. First, though, we asked him if anything like this would have happened under the previous administration.

johnJohn Briceno Leader of the Opposition

“It would not have happened under a P.U.P Government I mean we had our differences in many instances with BTL and its investors but at no time did we use force we use to go to the courts whenever there was a difference and look for a settlement. Our concern now is the way the Government is behaving particularly the Prime Minister that here he is telling everybody after he had agreed to follow the judgement of the court and to agree that it was unconstitutional and because it was unconstitutional the move that he did was null and void to then have a complete u turn and then say no I am not going to give it up and I am going to take it by force and using the police and the military so that he can just take a total and complete control over BTL.”

Since the abrupt flip-flop by Prime Minister Barrow and his subsequent interviews and comments, speculation has run rampant that the leader of the nation is operating with some screws loose, so to speak.

John Briceno Leader of the Opposition

“I would put it a little bit different I don’t think any sane politician would behave the way the Prime Minister has been behaving especially these past few days. A Prime Minister acts by ministerial he is the leader of this country and he needs to lead by example he has been for months and months talking about the criminal elements in our country and the lawlessness and now here you have him doing the exact opposite of what he has been asking the citizens to obey the law and now here you have him turning around and behaving in a lawless manner. What is sad is because of this behaviour and because of this personal vendetta and trying to see who is the biggest man on the land between him and Ashcroft his move are costing this country millions and millions of dollars of tax payers money not Mr. Barrow money, it is your money, my money and the money of those who pay taxes we are going to have to pay the bill for his wrong decisions and for his bull headedness and that is totally and absolutely unacceptable in a democracy.”

So what happens now? Will the Prime Minister, as he has indicated, return to the House with some new-fangled law which he will wave like a magic wand to change his illegal actions into legal ones? We asked Briceno.

John Briceno Leader of the Oppostion

“I was one that use to always try and give the Prime Minster credit when it came to the issue of law but obviously the Prime Minister is as what Mr. Elrington once said all glitter and no substance because on a major issue like BTL where he is saying that it is going to be a part of his legacy and he could have gotten it so wrong shows that he is not such a great lawyer as he purports to be. I believe now if he is going to go to the National Assembly o try to correct it I really don’t know how he is going to do it because the court has ruled on every decision that he made and every reason that he has used. The Court of Appeal was very clear that there was no case on the public interest, no case on stopping the litigation and that the Prime Minister could make no submission that things were going so wrong that he had to take it over so for him to go back to parliament or to the National Assembly I have absolutely no idea what he is going to do.”

At news time tonight, the impasse at BTL still stands.

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#1 samy 2011-06-29 18:37
Of course Mr. Johny under the PUP this would have not have happened. The PUP would have given it for free to Mr. Ashcroft like wat they did before. DAMN!!! Mr. Barrow is trying his best. I am not saying the man is perfect but u can see the effort his is demonstrating. Its for the benefit of the people of our country. I totally disagree wt d court rulling. Kudos to Mr. Barrow for all the a hard work.!!!!!

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