Screen_Shot_2014-05-29_at_8.28.26_PMViewers may recall the April 11th, shootings of two men at a farm in the outskirts of Carmelita Village which landed its proprietor, Edison Johnson in jail for murder. As we reported, two alleged robbers were met by the property owner while they made away with the zinc of the roof, sheet rock, tore out the electrical wires and had removed other items from the two buildings found on the farm.

They had returned to come and carry the last few sheets of zinc that had remained on the farm when Johnson spotted them and shot them as they ran. And while Johnson remains in remand for murder tonight, his family came out to the media to shed some light on Edison’s case which they felt he was ‘wrongfully charged’. His wife, Rosita Johnson wrote an email to plead with the public for support in getting their ‘sole bread winner’ out of jail. In the email Rosita says ‘I am suffering without him, the little money we have is to take food and other items for him. Mrs DPP the Johnson family is suffering please do the right thing the thieves took away all we worked hard for.’

The family is asking for support in the form of petitioning for signatures, emails, and opinions on their facebook page. The release ended stating “We want Belizeans to voice their opinions because 100,000 voices are better than one. A hard working family man with no criminal past wrongfully charged for protecting life and property.’

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