frolanTwo weeks ago longtime bus operator Froylan Gilharry of Gilharry Bus Lines took Government to Court over the runs given to him in the new and much debated northern zoning. Gilharry, who has been in the business for more than three decades, lost the routes he had held previously and was allocated 8 new runs. He claimed from the onset that with the new runs his bus line would be operating at a loss so he refused to take them on, instead deciding to take legal action to demand that the runs arbitrarily removed from him be reinstated.

Since that day, Gilharry and his 54 employees who are currently out of a job were anxiously awaiting their day in Court. That day was yesterday, but we understand that no decision was taken and the matter was adjourned to July 12th.

In related news, one political entity has come out strong behind Gilharry, with a release stating that, and I quote The PUP Corozal Bay Executive stands in solidarity with the owners and employees of Gilharry Bus Lines and all bus operators who have been victimized through the removal of their regular routes and schedules. The Executive calls on Prime Minister Dean Barrow to personally intervene in the decisions taken arbitrarily in the north and to revisit the distribution of routes and schedules to ascertain fairness and equity for operators and convenience, comfort and security for commuters.”

The release ends by reminding the Prime Minister of the oath he took when he entered office, stating, and I quote –“The Corozal Bay Executive advises the Prime Minister that very credible accusations have been made against the Chairman of the Northern Bus Operators Roger Tun that he has played petty politics with the recommendation of runs and schedules for northern operators. As the leader of the nation, however, the Prime Minister took a sacred oath to serve all persons without fear or favour. It is in this spirit that the Executive strongly urges Government to revisit the northern schedule. The people of the north and the country have suffered enough through these crippling economic times without having to endure the very real threat of losing their livelihoods because of political victimization.”

Well keep following the Gilharry story to its outcome in Court.

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