noimageThree days of almost continuous rains have brought flooding to some households in the North. This morning our assessment revealed areas prone to flooding include; Trail Farm, riverside and the surrounding village of San Jose. The rains have prompted officials at the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) to monitor the situation. According to Suleima Celiz, NEMO District Coordinator for Orange Walk, their hurricane district and town plan is ready to be activated should the flooding affect families that would need to evacuate their homes.

Suleima Celiz– NEMO District Coordinator

“Once I gone out this morning around Trial Farm and I saw some families that had water in their house but nothing major”

Maria Novelo – reporter

“Do you guys offering assistance in the event that some of them would have to evacuate?”

Suleima Celiz– NEMO District Coordinator

“Yes, we have families that need to evacuate and we will open a shelter so that we can put them in there.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“If the rain shall consist do you guys have a contingency plan, is there one?”

Suleima Celiz– NEMO District Coordinator

“Yes, we have our district one ready and we have the Town one ready to execute along with the Mayor and we have contacted all our emergency committees to stand on the alert.”

The NEMO office number in Orange walk is 302-3228.

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