town_boardBy now everybody in Orange Walk Town knows about the Town Council project to cement the Barracks. CTV-3 was there when the project started, as the proud Mayor explained that the area would be used as a bus terminal which would be properly marked. It seemed like a good plan, and nobody protested when the price tag was quoted at $75,000. But that was a long time ago, and there are now two problems which are now of some concern one is that the area wont be used as a bus terminal again, since the Ministry of Transport has put together another terminal on the Ministry of Works compounds and two, the price tag is now considerably higher.

Kevin Bernard Orange Walk Town Councilor

“Actually yesterday I spoke t one of the town supervisor’s dealing with the project at the Barracks. From what we had gathered last week from a report that was given to me when I went in to the council was that the project is still underway it was delayed for some time. The council as you are aware had already spent some $94,000 on the project and an additional $40,000 has been allocated through the council for the project. As far as I am informed as of today the project still has about three weeks to go.”

So what the project is shaping up to be now is a monumental waste of taxpayers money and a monumental waste of time and resources.

Kevin Bernard Orange Walk Town Councilor

“The reason behind this whole issue is that if you had done the proper planning and consultation with the council members had taken place this would not have happened. First of all we were not consulted when this whole thing was taking place we were only informed of Government grant of $75,000 in the initial beginning and when we started asking the questions that is when the information started unravelling. We saw movement at the Barracks to find out later that the suppose bus terminal that was to be at the market has now been moved over by the ministry at the Public Works Compound. Now we are here spending almost $150,000 of tax payer’s money on something that will not worth the while. As far as we were informed the only thing the Barracks can be used for is for a temporary parking spot and the question is if it will be used for a temporary parking spot then why spend all this money.”

And what could $150,000 have done to help the residents of Orange Walk Town? Well, a temporary parking lot isnt what comes to mind.

Kevin Bernard Orange Walk Town Councilor

“I believe that one if we would have sat down together and look at that the things that are of more priority to the town such as drains. If you walk down town you would see old culverts that need replacing. Flooding is happening over the low lying areas and we need to fix that problem by working on the proper drainage. If we would have planned properly and say you know what let’s take the $150,000 and look at the priority areas in our town something else would have happened. We could have sat as a council but instead it seems that it is only a one man decision and this is why things come right back and hunt them in the end.”

It doesnt take a rocket scientist to realize that there are higher priorities in Orange Walk Town than a temporary car park, but all indication are thats just what we are getting…a $150,000 temporary car park.

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