Screen_Shot_2014-06-03_at_8.11.04_PMThe unstable weather patterns have wreaked havoc in several sectors of the society and the list continues to grow in Orange Walk. The rains over the last 48 hours caused several areas within town to flood and the Orange Walk Town Council responded to the calls. However, there is one thing that was observed in many sections where water became stagnant. Public Relations Officer at Town Hall, German Novelo says garbage played a role in clogging drains.


German Novelo – PR, OWTC

“Most of the problems that we encountered wasn’t that the drains were clogged because of maintenance but because of garbage that really ran from probably the residents yards into the drainage and then eventually clogging the mouth of the culverts so what we really want to bring across to the residents of Orange Walk Town is that while we keep our garbage clean is how we keep our drainage clean as well, we also want to ask them to bag their garbage properly and to keep your dogs tied, we have done a dog eradication and we alleviated most of the dog issue but one of the biggest problem right now is that the garbage of residents yards run into the drains and hence clogging the culverts.”


The problem is widespread says Novelo and urges residents to heed to the call and dispose of their garbage in a more efficient manner especially since the drainage system in town is good. The public is also warned that situations like these can cause health problems for children and adults.

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