Screen_Shot_2014-06-03_at_8.10.06_PMEach year, villagers living in Corozal South East particularly those residing in Copper Bank, Chunox and Sarteneja, face the challenge of traveling on flooded roads that lead in and out of their village during the rainy season.

With the continuous rains over the past days, reports are that the road leading to the Pueblo Nuevo Ferry is presently under several inches of water. According to Willard Levy, Coordinator for NEMO Corozal, it’s a situation that they, along with the officials of the Ministry of Works, are looking closely at.

Willard Levy – NEMO Corozal

“I have interviewed a few people that have been travelling from that area and they are telling me that it is starting to go under water and they are saying that is passable but in the short interim we may be facing problem on having difficulty to pass through that road so I am getting in touch with the ministry of works to address that concern and see what they have in mind to do some kind of preventative measures.”

According to Levy, Mario Tun, Regional Supervisor at the Ministry of Works has indicated that they will take action into the matter if necessary. Our attempts in contacting Regional Supervisor Mario Tun proved futile. We will though, keep monitoring the situation.

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