Screen_Shot_2014-06-03_at_8.11.16_PMFor the next six months Belizeans will be keeping a watchful eye on the weather monitoring Mother Natures every move. That’s because the Hurricane Season has been declared open. In order to alleviate flooding and other hurricane related problems, the United Nation Development Programme, UNDP and the Corozal National Emergency Management Organization, NEMO, recently conducted an assessment in vulnerable areas to flooding and wind impact for evacuation purposes. And the results were alarming.

Willard Levy - Corozal NEMO

“What we did this year, this was a UNDP project that was done and what we actually did was to move within the district and visit the most vulnerable communities to try to make an assessment of how vulnerable these areas in terms of flooding and also with the impact and although we only made a random check of approximately 24% of the community throughout the district it wasn’t showing a nice picture in terms to questions asked to people, homeowners of most vulnerable areas.”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“When you say it does not show a pretty picture what are we talking about?”

Willard Levy - Corozal NEMO

“We are talking about homes that are vulnerable to cat 4 and cat 5, major storm, they may resist a cat 1 or a cat 2 maybe as far as cat 3 but when you go far and beyond that you are looking at something and we were actually targeting a disaster in the case of category 4, category 5 we were more looking into that, we were really looking at a minor category we were more looking at what would more actually happen if we get hit by a cat 4 or cat5.”

According to Corozal’s NEMO Coordinator, Willard Levy, persons were pre-selected by officials of the different areas for the assessment.

Willard Levy - Corozal NEMO

“It was hand pick, it was randomly picked, we didn’t select any homes we just looked at the most vulnerable areas and my way of doing this vulnerability assessment was using members of the community within the village and these people know their own villages, they know it is more vulnerable, where it floods the most and that is how I made them to do an assessment, it wasn’t’ showing a nice picture in terms of people who live in vulnerable areas, if we get impacted by a category 4 or 5 it is showing a big disaster and this is where NEMO and UNDP wanted to identify how are these vulnerable areas, how to make them more resilient in terms of the tropical weather and that is the purpose of the exercise and we had already made the report and passed it on to headquarters and we expect that something will come of that by the studies made by the professionals.”

Levy takes this opportunity to remind Corozaleños to keep an eye out for flash floods and always be prepared.


Willard Levy - Corozal NEMO

“Don’t get caught with your hands down, get ready, be prepared and you know that this is the season, be it a storm, wind impact or be it a flood it still can create a damage or a disaster so we need to know what exactly we want to do or what we are going to do, don’t get stubborn, if you are advice to move then move, look for a safer areas, NEMO will have safer areas where you can go and in terms of your homes have it prepared, have it ready and you know whatever you need to safe keep do all the necessary arrangements.”

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