Screen_Shot_2014-06-04_at_7.52.41_PMOnion producers in the north have not been having much success in the business since last year. As we have reported, farmers had received some seeds for their second planting to bridge the gap on losses sustained in 2013 due to rains.


In this second round, farmers in the Orange Walk District planted a total of eight point five acres of onion but the crop was not as productive as farmers had hoped. Extension Officer working the productive area of Orange Walk, Leonardo Eck says the rains have once again affected the production.


Leonardo Eck - Extension Officer

“In the late planting we normally receive between 50 to 20,000 pounds per acre but still what happened is that the weather also affected this year also for the second planting and what we manage to get from the farmers is 5,500 pounds per acre which is low but what helped the farmers was actually the price that the farmers were getting was $45 per 50lbs. and that is the minimum up to $75 for a 50lbs. bag. It did help, the price actually it did help them but production wise is not that we failed but due to Mother Nature again the production was low.”


The rains have done its damages but despite the low productivity, Eck says the public will still be seeing their demand for the vegetable supplied.


Leonardo Eck - Extension Officer

“Importation is supposed to start very soon because the amount of onion that Corozal had is not enough either.”


Dalila Ical – Reporter


“How soon do you think you will start importing?”


Leonardo Eck - Extension Officer


“Probably next to the following week”


The onions have been harvested.

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