Screen_Shot_2014-06-04_at_7.53.07_PMPublic Service Information Day is held countrywide, and today it culminated in Orange Walk Town. The officers from government departments in all sectors made an appearance today at the La Inmaculada Credit Union Parking lot where the event was held. We took a walk through the open day and here is a look at what transpired.


Dalila Ical – Reporting

Public service Information Day has evolved from the first time it was held in 2006. Minister of Public Service and Elections and Boundaries Charles Gibson says there have been many achievements within this sector and the event serves three important purposes.

Charles Gibson - Minister of Public Service and Elections and Boundaries

“First, for ministries and departments to have an opportunity to showcase the work that they are doing, to show the public what services are being offered and then of course secondly for the public officers themselves to get an opportunity to network and to build partnerships and I am one who feels very strongly in an environment like this is a very small environment you can go around and meet your fellow public officers so rather than been knowing someone else like Mr. Chan or Mr. Brown or Mr. Gibson you probably get to know that person by first name so if you need to get that service you can pick up that phone and you are calling your colleague or even your friend to get something done and so we are hoping that this activity also helps to build network and to build partnerships and then thirdly for me which I think it is so important if for the public officer for the people who are manning the booths to get some feedback from the public as to what services that are needed or what services can be improved.”

Improvements are taking place says Gibson but there is one which they have yet to perfect - service delivery. The ongoing issue has prompted a countrywide consultation tour and Gibson has visited government offices after which they have involved a consultant to develop a public service policy.

Charles Gibson - Minister of Public Service and Elections and Boundaries

“We agree that one of the things we really need to do is to see how we can strengthened the front line officers in terms of improve service delivery, we have as you know some departments that are excellent on this and as you have heard on the radio like everybody else in the media there are other departments that may not be as strong but what we need to do is to focus on those departments and to see how we can help with doing training programs, coming up with policies and procedures will make sure that we have the right person at the front desk to assist in those concerns.”

There is no hiding that members of the community have and continue to scrutinize the services in government offices. Notwithstanding this, some public officers take each day as they come. And their stories differ greatly from one another.

Charles Flores – Custom Officer, Grade 2

“That’s one of our biggest challenge is that we have to patrol this area every single day trying to control the purchasing of goods from Santa Cruz and trying to explain to people what is what and what is right.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“Now, dealing with people is not easy and I am sure you come across very aggressive people, how do you really ensure that you really retain your calm?"

Charles Flores – Custom Officer, Grade 2

“It is just about explaining to them that they are doing the wrong thing and yes we do meet people that they may take it the hard way because at the end of the they have spent their money but also we have a job to do and we have to explain to them that is wrong what they are doing it is stuff but we have to do it every single day.”


Then there are those like Myra Torres, who has to work with toddlers, adults and everyone in between.


Myra Torres – Assistant Librarian

“It’s not that there are challenges to the public on a whole but to get the general public aware of what we do at the library and the library to me is a very, very good place and fun place to be at, I don’t see why we have that mentality out there that library is boring, library isn’t boring but it is fun because when you go there you don’t only read books you get to meet children and other people. The only problem there may be like if I would say people would walk in and drink or eat their food that is strictly prohibited at the library and that would my biggest problem.”


And those at the Sandy Hunter Library know how to engage the public which has been successful. Gibson’s salute to these hard working individuals could not be understated.


Charles Gibson - Minister of Public Service and Elections and Boundaries

“Kudos to the public officers Orange Walk please keep up the good work it is recognized, it is honored and certainly on the 23rd of June there will be a number of public officers who will be honored an those who have served their 25 years of service.”

June 23 is International Public Service Day and outstanding officers will be recognized for their service and their years within the sector.

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