Screen_Shot_2014-06-05_at_6.38.18_PMIn November of 2011 we reported on the land scam where then 29 year old Elroy Bastarachera, a resident of Patchakan Village in the Corozal District was accused of scamming approximately $113,370.00 from 52 year old U.S National Victoria Jackson and 74 year old U.S. National Sharon Boniek in two different incidents. At that time the women paid Bastarachea the huge sum for the purchasing of several parcels of prime land which they never received their papers for.


Well, actually, Boniek did receive land documents but they were not genuine. In fact even the signature of Commissioner of Lands Wilbert Vallejos had been forged. The women made a report to police and Bastarachea was levied several charges and offered bail which he met. And that is the last we heard from him, that is until he once again made the news last night.

As mentioned inn our newscast last night, 31 year old Grisel Botes a Cosmetologist of Libertad Village Corozal District, reported to police that that between the 3rd of April 2014 and the 3rd of June 2014 she gave BZ$23,875.00 to Bastarachea who she has known for the past ten years. The money was to be used several pieces of land. But it was all a scam because Botes never received her land documents. Today she told us she trusted Bastarachera since he claimed to be the relative of Lands Commissioner Wilbert Vallejos. She has that statement on record.

Grisel Botes – victim

“I trusted him, actually I know that his cousin is Mr. Hugo Patt and his other cousin is Vallejos, Commissioner of Lands and so when he came to me and he told me that he could get some land for me at a lower price I trusted him, and I gave Elroy $23,875.00 in cash in different payments for the lands that I was to get from San Pedro Island, San Ignacio Cayo, some Clarita Falls and other places, I made him sign vouchers of each payment that he made and at the end of the day because of some friends I get to know that all this is just a fraud.”

Botes became suspicious and stopped paying Bastarachera when he kept coming back for more money and promising more pieces of land.

Grisel Botes – victim

“From the moment he started to ask for more money and more money, I am getting you more land, I will get the property by Friday and Friday reaches and I don’t get the papers because the first time I spoke to him it was to be delivered in property in a month time and that month went to two months and now to three months so I felt that something was wrong so I started to investigate if he is really working in there and everything.”

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