no_imageWhile you heard Elroy Bastarachea make reference in that video that Commissioner of Lands, Wilbert Vallejos is his cousin, that’s utterly false says Vallejos, whom we placed a call to this afternoon. Vallejos says in numerous occasions they have warned the public about scam artists, specifically Bastarachea.

Wilbert Vallejos– Commissioner of Lands

“I don’t understand why people are still allowing themselves to this scam because we issue Press releases over and over warning people about this guy because look like this guy lies at immigration and a lot of things, as a matter of fact he wrote my name of documents but he had to written my name because the documents had the Commissioner of Lands and I am the Commissioner of Lands.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“Can you guys intervene in terms of getting this guy prosecuted or lock up for good?”

Wilbert Vallejos– Commissioner of Lands

“We have been waiting on the court system, I have been called two or three times to the court to give witnesses and the cases continue to be adjourned and adjourned but the questions are why is it that Belizeans allowing themselves to be con by these people but obviously everybody know him because he also try to put it to Minister Patt and then after he went to court and the court told him that he had to pay four hundred and something dollars every month to recover for the monies from people and he started to do sub-division and privately representing Mr. Patt and so that guy be careful of him”

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