The Rotary Club of Belmopan in collaboration with the Illinois Rotary District 6510 and the World Pediatric Project will be holding their annual Orthopedic Clinic here in Orange Walk Town on Thursday June 30th at the Northern Regional Hospital. Orthopedic Surgeon Doctor Coles L Hommedieu from St. Louis Missouri will be tending to patients up to age 18 who are in need of orthopedic care and are suffering from neck, spine, shoulder, arm, elbow, hand, hip, leg, knee, foot and other type of bones problems and abnormalities.

camyHilda Nicholson- Care Belize

“Shriners International has been coming to Belize for about eight years and they have been serving children with orthopaedic problems. If you know anybody out there who has a child with a bone problem, hip dislocation club feet or any other bone abnormality they will be seeing these children and be screening them for surgery. We have had a lot of success stories done in Belize and also in the U.S.A where the children go there get their surgery and get their rehab and then come back the country so we are expecting quiet a lot of people to come out for this clinic.”

Before being seen by Dr. Hommedieu all patients must take an x-ray offered at the Northern Regional Hospital free of cost before the clinic day.

Hilda Nicholson- Care Belize

“The children need to be pre-registered with nurse Lupe, her number is 661-6518 and once they are preregistered they can get their X-rays at the Northern Regional Hospital. You just go to the radiologist and tell them that you will be coming for the clinic and then they will be getting their x-rays free of cost. There has been children who have gone out of the country and some of them have gotten surgery, here in the country and then they will be getting a follow up check up which they get yearly and care Belize also does a follow up with them at home and for new patients also they will be screened and then they will see who qualifies for their service.”

All persons suffering from any form of bone problems are asked to take advantage of the free clinic. Follow-up patients will be seen at 9:00am while new patients will be seen at 10:30am.

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