Screen_Shot_2014-06-06_at_8.06.19_PMAn initiative by the Belize Police Department of including members from the community to assist in keeping Belize at a minimal crime rate has spread like wild fired across the country.

C.O.P’s, or Citizens on Patrol, is a Community Policing program sponsored by the Belize Police Department. The purpose of the program is to enlist private citizens to volunteer time to actively patrol their community, to listen, watch and report criminal behavior to the police. Citizens on Patrol provide greater observation of neighborhoods, both residential and business which increases police presence in the community and reduces crime.

Today Rudolph Orillo National Coordinator for COPS told us more on the amendments done to the program.


Rudolph Orillo – COPS

“The Commissioner of Police, Mr. All Willey, has empowered the citizens to come on board along with the police to fight the crime that is affecting this nation and other matters of quality of life that are affecting our community.”


Victor Castillo – Reporter

“What are the responsibilities members of COP’s need to carry on?”

Rudolph Orillo – COPS

“The Citizens on Patrol eighteen years and over of sound mind and sound character, honest community members, civic minded, civic supported people, and we expect them to work in peers to work in the neighborhoods that they are living in, we are actually looking for zone leaders and these people will report to their zone leaders and the zone leader in turn will report to the zone stations.”

According to Orillo, members of COP’s will undergo on a three days training session.

Rudolph Orillo – COPS

“It is expected that they will get three day training basically in police procedures and the law and key observatory techniques.”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“When it comes to the training when is the training taking place?”

Rudolph Orillo – COPS

“It is expected that the training will take place in one time throughout the whole nation and we are looking at July here to start the program. These people will be given ID cards and t-short with the logo, the benefits for the COP and for the community will be a safer community in which they live, they will have opportunity to assist the neighborhoods for their own security so the benefits are great.”

COP’s nurtures a vital and important relationship between police and the community, aiding in prompt police response to potential problems. By working together, COP’s members and police officers make neighborhoods safer. Anyone interested in forming part of COP’s is asked to visit the nearest police station and request an application form.

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