policeOn April 30th 2009 Francis Flowers, Leonel and Eldo Moralez and Germaine Martinez were all charged for drug trafficking after Orange Walk Police conducted a search at Flowers residence located in the village of Trial Farm. When Police searched Flowers home they found 191 grams of cannabis seeds and 63.7 grams of cannabis. Since the day of their arrest all four men have been in and out of Court waiting for their case to be heard. Well, that day was today. CTV3 News understands that Francis Flowers pled guilty to the charge of drug trafficking and as a result Leonel and Eldo Moralez along with Germaine Martinez were free to go. Magistrate Linden Flowers ordered Francis Flowers to pay $10,000 for the 191 grams of seeds by today in default 3 years in prison. Flowers was also charged another $10,000 to be paid effective immediately or in default three years in prison for the 63.7 grams of cannabis. So in all Flowers was ordered to pay $20,000 by today or in default spend 6 years in prison. Up to news time no payment had been made by Flowers.

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