street2If you can name one street in Orange Walk Town which has been properly paved and maintained by the Orange Walk Town Council, well pay you $5000. Well no, not really, but were just making the point that when it comes to infrastructure and maintenance in town it is practically impossible to find one positive spot. Thats a little hard to understand, since every month the Council spends almost $200,000, yet not one cent seems to find its way to the basic services that is - fixing and maintaining streets, dealing with overgrown bush and clearing drains. This morning we sent our cameraman on a mission to find one great, or even good street in Orange Walk Town. In the end, it was truly Mission Impossible, but he did return with this footage of what residents have to deal with every day.

Were sure those scenes are very familiar, and for sure we shouldnt be expecting anything different anytime soon, since the Council is absolutely broke, spending much more than it makes in any given month…though we can say for certain the money being spent wasnt put into streets or drains here in town.

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