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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:33
  • Severe Weather Conditions Causes Minor Damages In North

    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:47
  • Belize Exports Soybean Oil To Jamaica

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Screen_Shot_2014-06-12_at_8.37.24_PMNames were not the only important pieces of evidence revealed by COLA today in the ongoing immigration scandal. According to the organization, there is additional information that can serve to help their case against Penner. COLA says the report indicated that in an interview with Immigration Officer Adi Pacheco, she says she engaged in certain actions because she was intimidated by Elvin Penner and feared being transferred to another department. But that’s not all, Pacheco further added that Penner retrieved important files such as documents that of the Kim Hon Wong application from the immigration office.


COLA’s Attorney, Kareem Musa, believes this is theft and that Penner has tampered with a key piece of evidence that can help them in the prosecution against him. It doesn’t end there however, Pacheco said that she sent a letter with a list of the files Penner retrieved from the department and forwarded that list to Godwin Hulse, which COLA says remains in Hulse’s possession.


This again says COLA is another key piece of evidence in their case. COLA says that the evidence provided within the Auditor General’s preliminary report could have led to more persons being prosecuted and levied more charges against key individuals in the Immigration Department.


Kareem Musa – COLA’s Attorney

“In each and every instance she point to all irregularities that were over ten irregularities, she point to them and says that those individuals have violated section 22 and they need to be charged. In relations to what is absent to her report she keeps going back to the top that the Director Maria Marin, and the minister Godwin Hulse have certain records that are vital to her concluding her report and it is only in that aspect that those two individuals have information that she needs in order to conclude, so that is what is outstanding.”


COLA defines the information provided in the report as an important lead in their case against Penner. The NGO officials say that they presented about 95 percent of the report to the media and are withholding the remaining information that is considered vital to their case and won’t disclose it since it could prejudice their case.


Kareem Musa – COLA’s Attorney

“In relation to this, Auditors General Report there was an interview process that took place and what was said in that interview is very important, very, very important to our prosecution, the only thing is this auditor General Report is more like hear say so what we would need then is the Commissioner of Police to deliver up the statements which I am sure that he has statements from Addy Pacheco signed Addy Pacheco, signed by Gordon Wade that would assist us greatly in the prosecution of these offenses so it is very important what is in here it is a lead and I think  if we were to get the statements from these individuals we would be able to successfully prosecute Mr. Penner.”


Still, while there is good evidence to help the NGO in their private prosecution, there are other vital pieces of evidence that are not forthcoming.


Kareem Musa – COLA’s Attorney


“There has been a promise that the passport would be coming, months and months and month and months and it just so happen that it was supposed to come before the last court date an guess what it didn’t come.  My believe is that it will not come before the disclosure date and that again is another key element in this prosecution so Mr. Ambassador to Taiwan we are waiting for you and you have two weeks to bring in that passport and thirdly so we have the Commissioner to deliver his investigative files which has the statement that I will need, we need the passport and we need Elvin Penner to return the immigration files because that has the recommenders including himself, that is key pieces of evidence that we will need.”


The case is set to go back to court on June 26th, but despite their good luck so far, the NGO officials say they are prepared for the unprecedented.


Giovanni Backett – President, COLA

“Things can change, politicians are good to white wash things and we expect that but what we give you today is true and if we are going to be penalized for giving true you can start to arrest me or anything.”

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