Screen_Shot_2014-06-12_at_8.24.26_PMA convention to elect a Standard Bearer in the Orange Walk North constituency for the People’s United Party will be held this coming Sunday and aspiring candidates have been churning their campaign wheels to visit with the electorate. Our news team took the time to catch up with the candidates as they pounded the streets for support. Reporter Maria Novelo and Video Editor Fernandez Sanchez have the story in this report.

Maria Novelo – Reporting

Leader of the BSI Negotiations for Baggasse, now political aspirant Alfredo Ortega, will be going up against Ramon ‘Munchie’ Cervantes and Jaime Castillo for a seat in the upcoming general elections. With only a few days left for the big day, these aspiring candidates have been putting in the ground work.

Alfredo Ortega– Candidate for OW North

“Presently we are in san Pablo going through with some houses that we were unable to meet when we were campaigning before, so we are meeting those people right now and we have covered I can say about 90%.


Ramon Monchi Cervantes - Candidate for OW North

“I have covered pretty much, I have covered seven villages about 95% and the bigger areas like Trial Farm and maybe about 80% covered and Otro Benque I have done a substantial part of it.”

And while they listened keenly to the concerns of their electorate, which ranges from employment to infrastructure, these candidates had varied visions for OW North.

Alfredo Ortega– Candidate for OW North

“I would like to see a change in regards to the north for what we have experienced in the past, I will not be giving any promises to do things that it would not be in my hands to do but what I would want to see is that we come together with all the villages and have meeting with the villagers so that can come up with a plan in which there would be an involvement with the villagers in regards to the different needs for the villages and let us prioritize and see how we can be dealing with the situation one by one where we can have the involvement of all the community.


Ramon Monchi Cervantes - Candidate for OW North

“Two of my main platforms of making education accessible to all through the universal education system because what is happening right now the cost of education is skyrocketing too high and it is out of the reach of many families and right now education is more a privilege than a right and I will fight for that that education becomes a right for every Belizean citizen and not a privilege for only those can afford it because many good minds are falling out of the education system simply because their family don’t have the money and that is not fair and that is not just we have to make education accessible to all Belizeans.  The other one is increasing the employment opportunities through encouraging new industries and also in expanding the industry that we already have.”

Both candidates have been involved in relations as it pertains to the Sugar Industry, but we had to ask what their comparative advantage was as the better candidate for this area.

Alfredo Ortega– Candidate for OW North

“I believe this is something different in my life it is a new step in my life and I am learning about it, I am learning with the people that are around me and I would like to see in politics a transformation on what politics has always been around and I think that we need to have the involvement of the people, we need to stop that situation whereby only a group of people are beneficiaries that come to the different villages, I think that we need to have a united front with all the people no matter what party they are ones election is over that we can work together.”

Maria Novelo - Reporter

“What would you say it is your comparative advantage over your comrade?”

Ramon Monchi Cervantes - Candidate for OW North

“My advantage is that I have the education and the experience, the business experiences both local business and international wise and also I have a good knowledge of the business of the sugar industry.”

The electorate, which consists of over 7000 voters, will cast their deciding votes at the convention come Sunday; both remain optimistic.

Alfredo Ortega– Candidate for OW North

“I pray to god to have that strong energy and feeling reaching Sunday that I will have the support of the people and I looking forward and pleasing people to give that support and I am asking also for us to work as a family, to be looking into a peaceful Convention on Sunday.

Ramon Monchi Cervantes - Candidate for OW North

“I’m very confident that I will win this convention on Sunday, the people have shown it through their enthusiasm when we have meetings, when I visit their homes the people see hope and I know that on the 15th of June this coming Sunday I will be victorious.”

Several attempts to reach out to the third candidate, Jaime Castillo have been unsuccessful. The Convention will be held on Sunday at the Trial Farm Gov’t School.

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