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Screen_Shot_2014-06-13_at_8.14.00_PMThe Primary School Examinations preliminary results were released yesterday. Topping the examinations is Ashton Tillett of Crooked Tree Government School. That is pretty close to home and, tonight we also present the students who also made it on the top list. The first student is twelve year old Alessa Castillo from La Inmaculada Primary School. Castillo is the fourth best performer countrywide. We had interviewed Alessa when she walked out of class after completing her exams and she expressed confidence back then. Today, she told us more about receiving the good news.


Alessa Castillo – 4th place, PSE

“I felt really good because I wasn’t expecting to do so high but when I found out that I did very well I was really excited.”


Dalila Ical – Reporter


“What is your grade?”


Alessa Castillo – 4th place, PSE


“My grade is a 91.75 so now I am getting ready for graduation.”


Another proud school is Trial Farm Government School as Kiwani Flores placed in twelfth, and this is a first time accomplishment by anyone from that institution in the PSE. Both Kiwani and the school Principal are proud of his success.


Kiwani Flores – Topped PSE

“Easy, very easy”


Dalila Ical – Reporter


“All of it was easy?”


Kiwani Flores – Topped PSE


“Except the problem solving, the math paper too, we had some things that we did but in different ways so when we did it at PSE we were confused and so I feel very good and delighted and proud of myself. We are really, really proud of him, he is our valedictorian and he is place second in the district of Orange Walk.”


Dalila Ical – Reporter


“To what would you attribute this success?”

Kiwani Flores – Topped PSE


“One, he is a very dedicated student, he studies a lot in his school and he also has great teachers that assist him and he is very patient and he listens to his teachers and he has all the attributes to a successful student.”


The students have done well and while they are still reeling in from their surprise, they have a few words of wisdom for those who are slated to sit the exams next year.


Alessa Castillo – 4th place, PSE

“I think that the PSE is anything to be worried about


Kiwani Flores – Topped PSE

“Study hard, always come to our classes on time and do all your work and don’t miss any grades.”


In second place is Andres Hung, from Lady of Guadalupe in Cayo; in third place is Kenyah Hyde from Bernice Yorke in Belize City, and in fifth place is Veronica Peresedova from St. Andrews Anglican in Cayo. The preliminary report states however that most of the students, 7,524 of them did not manage a good score. The performance overall is not too impressive as fifty one percent of the students averaged a C or better in English. While this is a little better than last year, which stood at forty-seven percent the overall average performance stands at 58.4. The performance in Math, which has proven to be the most challenging paper year after year for students, is even worse this year. More than half of those who sat the paper scored a D and forty seven percent scored an E which is below 49 out of a hundred points. The preliminary report shows a decline in the average performance from thirty nine to thirty six percent scoring a C or higher grade in math.


In Social Studies, fifty-eight percent scored a c or higher grade. This is down from the seventy-one percent recorded last year. In science the decline was not so steep but it was nonetheless a decline from seventy-nine percent last year to seventy-seven this year. CTV-3 News understands that while the preliminary results are out, things could change for some students since there is a grace period for schools to enter queries and we understand that some have entered theirs.

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