In the month of January we reported on the assistance rendered by the Ministry of Agriculture to local and small farmers in the north and across the country. The assistance came after the weather conditions damaged most if not all of the famer’s crop.

Farmers dedicated to the production of onion were practically the most affected hence a program was launched by the Ministry of Agriculture to assist them in order to avoid a shortage of the product.

We spoke to Barry Palacio from the Ministry of Agriculture for an update on the onion production.

Screen_Shot_2014-06-13_at_8.12.34_PMBarry Palacio – Ministry of Agriculture Corozal

“Right now as we speak we are on the last stages of the Onion crop, basically through the intervention of the ministry when we issued seed earlier in the month of January farmers were able to bounce back from that adverse weather situation from last year in which they basically lost their crop, with the assistance of the ministry they were able to rebound and  I am estimating that through this intervention, there is an estimated 2 million pounds of Onion being produced for this year Onion crop, and it is something that I think is a major accomplishment and allowing the farmers to get back on their feet and be able to generate some income in that and I must say that we have partnered with the Belize Marketing Develop Corporation and there has not been any importation of Onions whilst the local production is happening so that with a close collaboration with the farmers we have been able to basically allow the farmers to sale their product without any alteration or any competition from the Belize Marketing and Development Corporation which I think is good for our local industry.”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“When is the closing season for Onion production?”

Barry Palacio – Ministry of Agriculture Corozal

“I anticipate that in the next three weeks there about farmer will have sold off the onions that they produce and I think that is when imported Onion will come back into the country.”

In Belize there is a demand of 90 thousand pounds of onion per week. 

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