Screen_Shot_2014-06-16_at_8.03.53_PMQueries and changes aside, the question is where do the results place the Orange Walk District compared to the other districts? The Ministry of Education has been vocal about the overall performance of student in the PSE as not being too good. In fact, Ministry officials have been open about the need to implement strategies for improved performance. In the case of Orange Walk, this year the performance was satisfactory but there are areas where there is a clear need for improvement.


Carla Alvarez – District Education Manager

“The initial result shows that Orange Walk continues to perform the best in terms of country wide and this has been a pattern at least for the five years that I have been here, we have been doing well but, a closer analysis will be able to distinguish where exactly we need to improve in and for us is basically the problem solving, comprehension but I haven’t as yet analyzed it for this year but that has been the trend for the last couple of years.”

Some schools have implemented strategies to help address these problems and the hope is that all schools adopt a similar interest. The students who topped the exams will be awarded at the national level on June 25th. Some of these same students will be awarded at the regional level to be held on June 26th in the Corozal District.


Carla Alvarez – District Education Manager

“We will also acknowledge the schools, the best performing school and these are by categories for example, (1) 50 or more sitter we have La Inmaculada R.C. school so I want to congratulate them because they have been performing well as a school for a number of years now, and the performance is improving in fact the child who top the district is from La Inmaculada R.C. school. We have in (2) 25 to 49 sitters, we have San Francisco R.C. and San Estevan R.C. and they have always been doing well for a couple of years also so they fall in a different category, best overall performance category (3) 15 to 24 sitters guinea Grass Pentecostal School, they have been performing well for a number of years now also and then category (4) which is 7 to 14 sitters we have this year Progresso R.C., Chan Pine Ridge Government School and Nuevo San Juan R.C. so I want to congratulate those schools and you know they keep and that is also important to look at the overall school performance because it gives you a better picture of what exactly is happening at the school and not just looking at the performance at just certain students of certain schools.”

In tomorrow’s newscast we will take a look at the work being done to help assist the students in improving their performance on the exams.

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