The Alliance of Ministers of Belize led by activist Patrick Menzies is back on the campaign to get government to retract the revised Gender Policy. This time the group has organized and will be staging their discontent with the policy and with government’s reluctance to heed their call, tomorrow at Belmopan.


Screen_Shot_2014-06-16_at_8.04.34_PMPatrick Menzies – Leader

“It’s basically it is humongous like a church service per say where we pray, we sing, we learn about what the bible says about this gender policy, we also care and teach he people where we stand constitutionally in Belize and the fact that Belize is a blessed nation and we have a constitution that actually directs the government to listen to the will of the people and we are pushing the government of Belize to listen to the will of the people of Belize and to retract completely the gender policy, if they want to fix it in the back room later on that is fine but retract because it is already been implemented, the laws passed last December last year were part of the directive that came from that same gender policy.”


Dalila Ical – Reporter


“You’re saying take this of and we don’t want to do anything with that but is your group or are you suggesting then other ways or are you planning on creating other strategies to address these social issues that need to be addressed because if they are not addressed, in your same argument these can deteriorated the society in many ways.”


Patrick Menzies – Leader


“Ok, very good question (1) let me reiterate we support the other side of the gender policy that is for the benefit for women and kids and the like. I support the good things in the gender policy we are saying retract it, fix it behind your doors take LGBT out then you can push it back to our people.”


Menzies says they have the support of a large group and are expecting a successful event.

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