policeIn mid-April we reported on a Special Constable who got in trouble for assaulting a Chinese store owner and its worker for failing to sell him a beer after hours at their store. Since then, Special Constable Eldo Itza was charged with burglary, wounding, and harm and he pleaded not guilty to all charges, and so, he was released on bail of $500 dollars.

His next court date was set for July 1st. Well tonight, Ben Wong, the store owner in San Jose Village, says that the normal ‘cop culture’ to shield a fellow cop once criminally charged is being applied to him. But all indications are that Itza will not appear in court on July 1st because according to what Wong told our colleagues at 7News the case has been thrown out and to add insult to injury they did not even receive a summons to appear in court on July 1st. Wong added that attempts made to check with police on the court proceedings have been met with great apprehension. We understand that apart from Wong, seven other persons have laid charges upon Itza for assault.

For context, the incident, which unfolded just before the Easter break, had the arresting officers release Itza afterwards and allowed him to come in to the station at his convenience to get his charges.

As previously reported, Itza encountered Wong and his uncle closing up their store when he went to buy beer. He allegedly jumped the fence, and started to assault Wong's uncle, and when Wong himself rushed to store, Itza struck him in the head with a pint bottle. Wong suffered a cut wound that required ten stitches.

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