And when it comes to the on-going works of the Social Investment Fund on Santa Familia Street, the work has still not been completed. Bernard says once the street is paved, they will step in and do some additional works to that area.

Screen_Shot_2014-06-17_at_8.08.42_PMKevin Bernard – Mayor, OWT

“The council is waiting for the works to be completed on the paving side for us to be able to go in and do the actual vehicle entrances because we have committed to build the ten vehicle entrances, we actually did on recently and then we are going to be working on the others, we’ve gotten the necessary support in terms of personnel that will be able to do that in house and then just take them over to the locations and place them to the area, there was one also issue on that same street that has to do where the shop it where the contractor had to get in and broke the entrance that they had already constructed, we manage to arrange that through the contractor and through SIF now the contractor will now take full responsibility to replace that entrance that was there so I was hoping from what I was told that work should have already been completed, I think they are in the few more days left but I am hoping that it could be solved as quick as possible as it relates to the SIF update from the Municipal Development Project that they are doing there.  Santa Familia on the opposite side now, was addressed by the municipality ad we intend to do some further work on Santa Familia street as part of our rehabilitation process because it requires a lot of more materials and we are working on getting that done as soon as we complete a thorough fair within the town that needs to be address but we will be addressing that other portion of Santa Familia Street, I cannot guaranteed to be paved but we want to at least leave the street in a passable condition that people can drive easily through that area.”

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