policeIn our normal court rounds this week, the CTV-3 news team came across an interesting case lodged in the Orange Walk Magistrates Court. Its no murder or robbery or rape or assault, and neither is it a drug related offense…but it caught our attention anyway.

Yesterday a 78 year old man from Trial Farm was arrested and charged for using threatening words. The report which led to the arrest of the elderly man was lodged by a man who is no stranger to us UDP crony Gaspar Luna. Luna alleged that the man referred to him as perro which translated means dog. 

The elderly man was charged, received bail and is to appear in Court on another day, but that isnt the story here as much as the actions of Luna.

Viewers will recall that Luna acted as cheerleader for Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega leading up to general elections. When the UDP won, he was gifted with a lucrative position here in the Ministry of Lands. He was further gifted with a lucrative logging concession for thousands and thousands of acres, and when Vega was questioned about the concession, he claimed that he felt sorry for Luna because he was a cancer survivor and that was the reason for the concession being granted.

Word on the street is that Luna has been trying to muscle in on some land owned by the elderly gentleman. Word on the street is also that when the gentleman tried to pay monies toward his land at the office, he is threatened by Luna. We understand that is what led to Luna allegedly being referred to as a dog.

CTV-3 will be digging much deeper into these allegations and others which have come to our attention concerning Mr. Luna. As for the reference which led to the elderly man being arrested…well, well only say that if the cap fits, wear it.

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#1 Storm 2011-06-30 18:14
What happened to "free speech" guaranteed in our Constitution?

And how is calling a person a "dog" any kind of threat?

Sounds like a false arrest to me, and I hope the victim sues and wins.

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