coachezCTV-3 has been following the progress of Belizes National Special Olympics Team representing the nation in Athens, Greece at the World Games. When we got an update last week the team had yet to play a competition game and were just having fun but now the war for the gold is on. Today we spoke to Peace Corps Volunteer Christen Eure for an update.

Christen Eure Peace Corps Volunteer

“They started off by playing a couple of division game to decide which division they would play in. They were spotted in the second division out of seven so we are proud of them just for making the second division overall. They have played two games thus far in the competition, yesterday they played Indonesia and they won 2 to 1 and our very own Sydney Rayburn the game winning goal with a header about three seconds before the end of the game and then today they played Chile and they had a 2 to 2 draw. Right now they have spotted first place in their division and they have one more game tomorrow with Singapore and from there they will play for medals. The first and second teams will play for gold and silver and then the third and fourth in their division will play for bronze and fourth place.”

And the good news from Greece has all the fans from Belize cheering the boys on.

Christen Eure Peace Corps Volunteer

“Everybody is so excited I just went to Sydney’s mom’s house to show her some pictures and videos of the boys and they are just trilled we got on the phone today and called them to congratulate the boys on their goal especially the game today which is tuff game. They are just being congratulated by everybody here in Orange Walk the boys here whom they practiced with are excited and thrilled that the team was able to win one game and draw another.”

Of course, with all the fun our boys are having in Greece, we can only hope that some of them dont decide to stay.

Christen Eure Peace Corps Volunteer

“At first it was a lot of new stuff, new food and new culture but they have really bonded with a lot of the other teams and even found some friends especially with some of the English Team. They have played a game against Pakistan and Paraguay so they made new friends there. There is a girl team that has adopted one of our players as one of their own they say he is cute so they want to keep him.”

As always, CTV-3 wishes the team well as they head for the gold, and well continue to bring you updates.

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