Sundays Orange Walk North Convention saw the election of Ramon Monchie Cervantes as the PUP’s new Standard Bearer for Orange Walk. He will go up against Gaspar Vega in the upcoming General Elections. And while all three candidates had their group of supporters and would have represented the PUP well, party supporters of Orange Walk North will now relying on Cervantes to unseat Gaspar Vega. So, does he make a good match up against the now Deputy Prime Minister? We asked Mayor Kevin Bernard for his sentiments.

Screen_Shot_2014-06-17_at_8.08.54_PMKevin Bernard – Mayor, OWT

“I did not support any specific candidate for obvious reasons that I have, I believe that all of them had the opportunity and anyone of them would have represented us well, the people spoke in Orange Walk North and I want to congratulate Mr. Cervantes on his victory and I want to only say that what needs to be done is that they need to unite as a team, unite behind Mr. Ortega, unite behind Mr. Castillo and his followers and make sure that we can bring a victory for Orange Walk North, I have all confidence that Mr. Cervantes can do so for the People’s United Party and all would take that they all join forces together because at the end of the day we are not enemies we are one party and we need to ensure that we need to bring down this government and we need to get rid of the person that we know needs to get out of government and that is the only person that we know and that person is Gapi Vega.”

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