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Screen_Shot_2014-06-18_at_6.20.33_PMIn Belize reports of a suspicious vehicle circulating school zones is not often hear of but that does not mean we are free from it. Fortunately the few incidents that have been reported have not escalated to any child being kidnapped which is the worst case scenario in these cases.

But as mentioned the incident does occur and tonight we report on one. On Monday, a suspicious vehicle occupied by three individuals was spotted near the San Joaquin R.C School in the Corozal District. The occupants were seen giving away sweets to students during the morning break.  And it’s not the first time that the vehicle is seen in the area.  What has drawn more suspicion is the fact that whenever a teacher approaches the vehicle, the person behind the wheel drives off. Victor Castillo reports.

Victor Castillo – Reporting

Today the community of San Joaquin and the students and teachers of San Joaquin RC School in the Corozal District have a major concern and it is understandable.

An unidentified vehicle occupied by three persons, two females and one male has been spotted around the school especially during break time. But that’s not all. The occupants of the vehicle have been seen giving out sweets to the students. But what actually raised the red flag is that whenever a teacher approaches the vehicle, the person behind the wheel drives off.

Humberto Juarez – Principal

“We had some people that came by our school and they were giving away sweet to the children, we were concerned that these person did not approach any of the teachers to identify themselves and what was the purpose for them giving away the sweets, some of the children got the sweets and after that we had all sorts of complain from the children and the parents that were very concerned that there were these individual who were visiting our school to just give away those sort of things, some of the parents were also concerned, they came into the office that day and asking what is it that we are going to do as a school because they have seen in other districts or other occasion when  there are people going to schools doing something similar but it was with malicious intentions.”

With the permission of her parents, we spoke to one of the students’ who was in line waiting for her treat. To protect her identify we spoke to her off camera.

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“Do you recall that day when these three persons came to your school and started to give sweets, tell what exactly happened?”


“That the car parked there and the man came and two women were there and them something great here and then when the other kids came and got their sweets one of my friends got one.”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“When these people gave you the sweets did they said anything to you?”


“Yes, they said that I am beautiful.”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“Did you saw the people’s face, what did you saw here in their forehead?”


“Like something great there.”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“But can you distinguish what they said they were, were they Mestizo, were they Creole, were they Hindus, were they Chinese?”


“They were Hindus”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“All three of them, and tell can you be able to describe the vehicle again, what kind of vehicle, what color was it?”



“Yes, all three of them are Hindus and I can be able to describe the vehicle like grey.”

And since the school takes the incident seriously, they have set up a plan of action to keep the students safe during recess and lunch breaks.

Humberto Juarez – Principal

“I shared an e-mail on that day that it happened with the other schools in the districts, and so with that they are alerted also and it also it went to our manager and they reported it to the police and the police came to visit our school yesterday to see what had happened and what it was and they said that they would be on the alert and if any other suspicious situation like that occurs that we should call them and they would be around or in the neighborhood to assist us in trying to clarify this situation.”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“Is this the first time that something like this occurs here at your school?”

Humberto Juarez – Principal

“No, it had happened the week before that the children had come to me and told me that somebody was giving away the sweets but maybe I thought that it was the first alert that maybe blame it on me that I didn’t react promptly and I noticed that it happened again and so that raised an alert that maybe now why is this happening.  Well, we have informed all the children to be on the lookout for people or strangers that are giving away things to them that they need to inform an adult as soon as possible as they can and to identify the vehicle that they can take the license plate number or if anybody has a camera or if they can see the vehicle by our school they can take a picture of it and also what some of the parents are doing is that they personally come to visit the school and they would be around for recess time and lunch time to see if there are any suspicious vehicles approaching while they are on recess time or dismissed.”

When we contacted Corozal Police, Officer Commanding the Department, Andrew Ramirez, informed CTV3 News that they are presently investigating the matter and are asking the community of San Joaquin if they witness any suspicious vehicle or persons in the area to contact the police department immediately.

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