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Screen_Shot_2014-06-19_at_8.24.40_PMSeventeen year old Eider Romero, Eliel Reynoso and Eved Corado were nominated by the La Inmaculada Credit Union for the third annual Citi-CMFA Caribbean Microfinance Awards in three categories, Best Rural Microentreprenuer, Best Young Microentrepreneur and Best Technology Microentrepreneur. The names of the winners were reveled at a ceremony held on June 3rd in Jamaica which the three nominees attended.

In total six awards were presented and Belize took three as Eider Romero, Eliel Reynoso, and Eved Corado were each bestowed an award. While the three individuals were awarded in Jamaica, their hard work and great accomplishment was also recognized here at home during a special ceremony held last night in their honor by LICU.


Carmelita Perez – Reporting

“It feels great to be the boss” those were words used by Eved Corado, one of the three Micro entrepreneurs’ that were nominated and won an award for the third annual Citi-CMFA Caribbean Microfinance Awards. Corado, who is the proud owner of E-Tech Services, won Best Technology Micro entrepreneur in the Caribbean. As for Eliel Reynoso, he won second best young entrepreneur in the Caribbean. As the founder of Hawaianas, his struggles have thought him to appreciate his business even more.

Eved Corado- Winner Citi-CMFA Award

“I do believe that the youth have a potential to become an entrepreneur and be a good management on business too.”


Carmelita Perez – Reporter


“You have been able to grow your business with the advice of La Inmaculada Credit Union?”


Eved Corado- Winner Citi-CMFA Award


“Yes, and I have been working with the Credit Union through finance and through conference too and so I am grateful to be a partner with the Credit Union too.”


Eliel Reynoso- Winner Citi-CMFA Award

“Nada se tiene fácil no, todo es trabajando duro y largas noches sin dormir también y el mensaje que le quiero dar a las otras personas es que no porque  dicen no ya se acabó la oportunidad allí por eso es que hay oportunidad lo que a uno le gusta y ponerse hacerlo y siempre es lo que al final le rinde más que trabajando para otra persona.”

Just as proud as Corado and Reynoso, is 17 year old Eider Romero, the 1st place recipient of the Best young entrepreneur in the Caribbean Award. He is the owner of ER’s Icy Treats and as the youngest of the bunch; he encourages other organizations to support young microentrepreneur’s in order to keep the economical wheel turning.


Eider Romero- Winner Citi-CMFA Award

“Young entrepreneurship is the only solution that we have in our country to boost up our economy and we need that support from other financial institutions to help the other young entrepreneurs not to give up so we need to continue on supporting them because eventually they will expand and they will become bigger business and maybe industries in our country.”


Carmelita Perez – Reporter


“So I guess you are learning how to manage your business financially?”


Eider Romero- Winner Citi-CMFA Award


“Yes, I am and the Credit Union give course and I am planning to come to those courses to learn and also I am going to Junior College to study marketing and I shall run my own business afterwards.”


And the good thing is they have the backing of political leaders.


Honorable Gaspar Vega- Deputy Prime Minister

“Government strategic approach will continue to focus and encouraging and creating and enabling environment for micro-entrepreneur and financing institution that collaborate in order for both to prosper.”


Kevin Bernard- Mayor Orange Walk Town

“It feels very good to see that three of our very own Orange Walkenos and young people like that has been awarded this award and it is showing that Orange Walkenos has people and has the opportunity to go far and I am really proud of them and I want to congratulate them on their efforts and I wish them well in their business, I know most of the individuals and two of them we work a lot with and I think we owe it to them.”


As these three individuals look forward to an even brighter future, let there be no doubt that they have set the precedence for other youths who can also become micro entrepreneurs with the assistance of LICU.


Yolanda Gomez- Manager LICU

“That is one of the objectives of this forum for us to showcase what are the accomplishments, how creative our youths can become and hopefully that will encourage others to also become innovative, there is quite a high unemployment rate especially with youths and we don’t want these young people to be idle so we are here to support them and to provide that support both financial, technical and otherwise and we want to encourage more or our people to become innovative, to approach us if they have an idea we can work with them, we can guide them we can really make their dream come true.”


But as they say, In order for an organization to move forward, there must be a good leader at the helm and for that, Miss Yolanda Gomez, Manager of LICU, proudly received an award bestowed to her by the institutions Board of Directors.


As previously mentioned Romero took three thousand US dollars, Reynoso one thousand five hundred US dollars and Eved Corado took home three thousand US dollars.  The Citi-CMFA Microfinance Caribbean Awards recognize the efforts and commitment of institutions and individuals that ensure maximum financial and social returns within the microfinance sector in the Caribbean.

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