Executive Director of the National Women’s Commission, Anne-Marie Williams has been selected to participate in the US Embassy’s 2014-2015 class of Hubert H. Humphrey Fellows Program.  The program brings young and mid-career professionals from around the world to the U.S. for a year of non-degree graduate-level study, leadership development, and professional collaboration with U.S. counterparts. Williams will spend the next year at American University beginning in August 2014 to participate in the “Trafficking in Persons, Policy, and Prevention” Humphrey Fellowship.

We have been following the progress of the 2013/2014 sugar cane crop which has been riddled with challenges. First with a late start following by inconsistent weather patterns, stakeholders have been hoping for the best. This crop, there was an estimate 1.2 million tons of sugar cane to be harvested for delivery but presently, the weather will be a deciding factor as to whether that goal will be met.


The Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association and farmers have been battling with the weather and the fear is that a few hundred thousand tons of cane will remain unharvest. Minister of Natural Resources and Agriculture Gaspar Vega however says that things are running rather well.

Screen_Shot_2014-06-19_at_8.25.14_PMGaspar Vega – Minister of Natural Resources

“The quota for the sugar has already been met or just about so we are going to be able to supersede the quota, we are really having an extremely good crop this year and that is because of the investment that ASR has done in the factory because of such a short time we have been able to mill in an average of 20% more than what we used to mill just last year and they invested something like 25 million dollars and just last year they introduced some evaporators so that the factory doesn’t have to close down every two weeks for service and stuff like that and it has really improved the milling capacity and also the cane farmers have also improved their fields and they have invested in their replanting, they have changed attitude, especially habits in harvesting, they are ensuring that they deliver clean cane, they have been able to create this competitiveness in seeing which branch gets the highest pay for their cane so all of these things has enhanced the crop for this year.”

The crop is expected to close at the end of the month.


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