Last night we told you about the elderly man who was arrested on the 28th of June and charged with uttering threatening words to well known UDP crony Gaspar Luna. According to the report made to Police by Luna, the man identified as 78 year old Jose Albino Chavez called him perro, which means dog. 

Apart from the fact that calling somebody a dog isnt exactly a threat, and apart from the fact that it seemed ludicrous and petty for Luna to bring charges against an elderly man for a simple insult, the story didnt quite ring true, so today our news team tracked down Chavez to get his side of the story. We found the 78 year old gentleman on his farm behind San Lorenzo, and he told us that his problems started when Gaspar Luna acquired the piece of land next to his and started harassing him to move a fence.

Jose Albino Chavez – Farmer

“El me hablo y yo fui y allí estaba era Gaspar Luna entonces el me dijo mira yo ya compre el terreno de allí y quiero que quites el cerco. Pero fíjese el cerco no lo atrasa entonces no hombre le dije yo como ya tiene dos años de estar queriendo que quite yo el cerco no le dije el cerco no lo quito porque yo lo uso para atajar el ganado porque al quitar ese alambrado se me van los animales para los canales que están cerca allí y hacer daño. Entonces el me dijo a mi ah te voy a conseguir un arresto.”

Carmelita Perez- Reporter

“En ningún momento usted lo lamo perro lo insulto nada de eso?”

oldJose Albino Chavez – Farmer

“No claro que no que yo no le insulte.”

An hour and a half after Luna left, he made good on his threat, as Police showed up on the farm and arrested the 78 year old man.

Jose Albino Chavez – Farmer

“Querían que vaya a hablar allá porque dicen que me fueron a reportar que el tal Luna me fue a reportar. Yo no le dije nada el andaba su machete con él y él lo saco del caro para i en donde yo estaba. El estaba allí y yo acá la puerta estaba cerrada. Dos personas estaban con él en eso el me dijo ya te voy a conseguir un arresto me dijo pero eso es injusto si yo no le dije nada. Cuando yo fui a la corte me dijeron que yo le había dicho palabras malas y yo nuca le dije palabras malas a él ni él a mí como de insulto eso solo fue una plática así normal con nada de insultos.”

Chavez was released on bail of $900 and is scheduled to reappear in Court on July 29th.

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#2 Storm 2011-07-02 22:12
When did it become a crime to insult someone in Belize? Especially someone who deserves it as much as Gaspar Luna!

Anyway, isn't a dog "man's best friend? Maybe it was a compliment.

But if I were a dog, I'd be insulted to be compared to Luna.
#1 regina chavez 2011-07-02 18:43

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