freezoneLast year the government of the Republic of China on Taiwan donated a fully equipped fire truck to the Corozal Commercial Free Zone. Since the donation the fire truck has served as a form of security for the over 110 operational businesses, 2000 employees and hundreds of tourists who visit the Corozal Free Zone on a daily basis. Since the donation of the fire truck CTV3 understands that insurance policies have reduced their insurance rates for businesses at the Free Zone.

Today the government of the Republic of China on Taiwan made another donation to the CCFC, this time in the form of two compact garbage trucks. The handing over ceremonies took place this morning. Our news team was there and filed the following report.

Carmelita Perez- Reporting

Previously a private company carried out the garbage collection at the Corozal Commercial Free Zone. The contract between the Free Zone and the company, however, expired two months ago and that is when the CCFZ Board of Directors decided that they would take on the task of obtaining their own trucks to pick up garbage around the Zone.

That was made possible today with a donation of two compact garbage trucks made by the government of the Republic of China on Taiwan to the CCFZ. The trucks, valued at over 100,000 U.S. dollars were handed over this morning by the Ambassador of Taiwan to Belize, his Excellency David Wu to the Chairman of the Corozal Commercial Free Zone David Ackerman.

David Akierman- Chairman CCFZ

“I started looking forward, working towards the preparation for the Corozal Free Zone to manage his garbage so, it was approximately in the month of October of last year that I had visited Taiwan, I had the honour in meeting with the Minister of overseas compatriot, Ministers Wu and I presented and I explained to him what transitions we were planning, so right there and then I presented my request and within one month I got one answer that there was availability. The trucks didn’t come until now because some refurbishing was done to them.”

The donation, according to Ambassador Wu, is proof of the good relationship that exists between Belize and Taiwan.

H.E. David Wu- Taiwanese Ambassador to Belize

“The garbage trucks were donated through the kind generosity of the Government of Taiwan. Ladies and gentleman you may rest assure that this will not be the last donation. We will donate more to the Corozal Free Zone. We know that the free zone will benefit from this donation and it will be able to sustain itself through the services offered tot eh businesses and its employees and visitors to the zone. We look forward to continue working closely with the zone to improve the collaboration between Belize and Taiwan.”

With the donation of the two compact trucks comes the possibility of venturing into the recycling business which Akierman says is already under discussion.

freezone_2David Akierman- Chairman CCFZ

“I had one meeting with a company out of Guatemala and they came and did an evaluation of the material we have and basically 90% of the material that we have is recyclable including bottles and this is something that I will be presenting to the Board of Directors. It is another investment because we need to get a compressor a compactor and we will need to get a shed to separate the different levels of garbage but the important thing here is that we have a company that is interested in buying the garbage. We are going green and at the same time we are creating employment. I will present this project the value of the cost for the equipment that we need and who knows maybe I will go back to Taiwan and say we need that equipment too.”

It is expected that if all things go well, by the end of next year the recycling project would have been set in place. As it pertains to the garbage collection a total of 15 persons were hired.

Another project in line for the free zone is the establishing of a Health Post.

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