Screen_Shot_2014-06-24_at_8.16.50_PMA Jasmine Alert was sent out today for 6 year old Jermany Yoni Cancinos of Benque Viejo Del Carmen. This morning around 8:30 they received a report from the father of the six year old Guatemalan girl where he reported that his child was taken away by a female from her school at the Sevent Day Adventist in Benque.  Reports are the child was taken in a blue Kia by force.  Of note is that the Jermany’s parents are separated and she was living with her father who has custody. Police have interviewed a few students and the father of the child and have contacted the Guatemala Authorities who shared light on the situation. ASP Dinsdale Thompson, Officer Commanding Benque Viejo Police says the abduction reveals that it stemmed from a family dispute.

ASP Dinsdale Thompson, Officer Commanding Benque Viejo Police

“What we got from them is that the young lady who came to the school and took the child away is relative to the mom who is in the U.S at this present moment, she is not in Guatemala or in Belize. Where the child is we don’t know at the present moment and we do not know who has her. We spoke to the judge in Guatemalan who shared that information with us and who also interviewed the young lady who took the child from the school and told her the consequences of her action. She was in police custody but no charges have been levied against her. The other part that we are looking at is that this is family dispute and so because of the dispute between the mom and the dad over the custody of the child that is why she the mom orchestrated that the child be taken by her cousin this morning.”

While the alleged abductor was taken into custody by Guatemalan authorities, she was questioned but released. The child is presumed to be in an unknown area in Guatemala. Thompson says their concern is simply safety for the child.


ASP Dinsdale Thompson, Officer Commanding Benque Viejo Police

Our concern is the safety of the child where she is, if she is safe, and we are looking at it as the mom having personal concern since she orchestrated it. We are looking at the personal safety of the child and return of the child so that the child can get on with her education and the mom and dad settle their issue whatever it is. At the moment it is a violation that have occurred on the soil of Belize, so that's what we are looking at as well. We are looking for the mother for questioning and if she would enter Belize we would detained her because we need to get information on the child. We are looking at the possibility of charging her also.”

The little girl and her dad, who is the sole custodian, lives in Guatemala but she attends school in Benque, where the crime was committed. All authorities have been informed of the situation and continue to investigate the matter.

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