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  • Armed Robbers Target Zhen Zhen Shop In Xaibe village

    Wednesday, 04 September 2019 02:18
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    Wednesday, 04 September 2019 02:23
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    Wednesday, 04 September 2019 02:36

Transfers of voters start tomorrow, July 1st and will be allowed for a period of two months. Its a hectic time for political offices across the country as they streamline their voting lists for the run up to elections. As hectic as the process is, it requires that all elections and boundaries registering offices are ready for the workload and prepared to deal with the demands of every constituency. But one report were getting indicates that that might not be the case with at least one office. Today we spoke to Chairman of the PUP Executive in San Pedro Milo Paz, who has been encountering problems with the everyday registering of new voters, and fears more of the same will happen with transfers.

miloMilo Paz Chairman, San Pedro PUP Executive

“As chairman of the P.U.P in San Pedro we have been taking our people to the sub agents of Belize Rural South Elections and Boundaries in San Pedro and it is more than one time that I have had to complain to the Elections and Boundaries because their computer is not working for weeks and today was one of the last straws when we got there and were told that the computer had been out for a week and we were very concerned since tomorrow starts the time to transfer people to the constituency. I called our representatives in Belize and up to now e cannot get a straight answer how it is going to be fixed so that we have a god two months to transfer and register people.”

The inconvenience caused by the inability of the elections and boundaries office to process registrations has been taking a toll on the work of the PUP office, says Paz.

Milo Paz - Chairman, San Pedro PUP Executive

“Just to start with the standard bearer in the Belize Rural South, it was an overwhelming win for Mrs. Patty Arceo and we as the executive of the Belize Rural South are one hundred percent behind her and of course we are one hundred percent behind our party leader and we support him in all his actions.”

And if that was not bad enough, the Chairman says there has been harassment from the UDP Deputy Mayor, who seems to be offended by blue and white. But it doesnt matter, says Paz, because they will never take their colours down.

Milo Paz Chairman, San Pedro PUP Executive

“It is the Deputy of the San Pedro Town Council who wrote to me personally suggesting that I should remove a P.U.P flag that is erected just in front of my house in San Pedro. His complaint is that this flag is in public domain and since it was erected just before the convention that we had in San Pedro he was suggesting that since the convention has come and gone we should remove it from public domain. Our response was that since the convention is gone our campaign has just begun and we are going to have more than one flag in public areas. We will see how that plays out but at no time are we going to bring down our P.U.P colours.”

The obstacles are cause for concern, but will in no way deter the Executive or supporters of the Party in San Pedro.

Milo Paz Chairman, San Pedro PUP Executive

“It is one of the most inconvenient things for us since in San Pedro everybody works during the day so when we pick up our people that want to transfer or register you only can do it n the day that they are off and if we get there and there is no one that can give us the service to transfer or register a new voter then it looks like this is a game and it is a game that we are not willing to play. I think it should be a level playing field so that everybody can be transferred or registered in the area.”

This afternoon when we checked with the office in San Pedro, they admitted to the equipment malfunction but told us somebody was scheduled to come from Belize City to fix the problem. They referred us to a Mr. Zuniga from the main office in Belize City. Strangely enough, he claimed to know nothing about any malfunctioning equipment or computer that was not working, but maintained that the department is prepared for anything, including the transfers which start tomorrow.

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