fifa10.6Today was the deadline given to the Football Federation of Belize by FIFA to get their matters in order that is, to get registered by the National Sports Council of Belize so things could get back to some semblance of normal that is, it is expected that FIFA would lift the suspension of the FFB and the game against Montserrat which was postponed would be played on July 10th. That was the hope of the FFB, which emerged from its Court case early this week jubilant and convinced that all would proceed their way. Of course, the FFB aside, observers and sports enthusiasts werent as optimistic, since the Sports Council didnt appear too eager to facilitate the FFB and the Minister of Sports had made his distaste for president of the FFB Bertie Chimilio crystal clear.

When we contacted a representative of the FFB this evening just before news time tonight, we were told that they were still waiting for word from their attorney Elson Kaseke on whether they would be registered by the Sports Council or not. We were also told that it appears that GOB is stalling, which comes as no surprise to anybody.

In related news, there is something positive to report in Belizean football. A look at the current World Ranking of teams shows that Belize, which was listed in the 172nd position, has been upgraded by 18 spots to the 154th position. Ordinarily that would be great news, but with the FFB suspended and the future of football uncertain, nobodys opening champagne or throwing confetti just yet.

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