When plans were being made for the 2013/2014 crop season it was estimated that one million two hundred and seventy one thousand tons of cane would be delivered to the factory. That of amount of cane was expected to produce 130 thousand tons of sugar at a TCTS of 9.5. But the 2013/2014 crop season experienced a delay of two months to be exact due to an impasse on the negations of Bagasse between BSI/ASR and the BSCFA. With crop coming to an end the effect of that standoff is about to be felt as this year’s target will not be meet. A date has been set for the closure of crop, July 8th which is less than two weeks away. If the weather holds up BSI/ASR expects the factory to mill 1.2 million tons of cane. That’s just above last year’s amount of one million 78 thousand. But all is not good news.

Screen_Shot_2014-06-26_at_8.18.09_PMBelizario Carballo- Financial Director BSI/ASR

“On the, not so the good side is that the cane quality hasn’t been as good as last year.  Last year with a million and seventy eight thousand tons of cane we produce a hundred and twenty thousand tons of sugar and this year with one point two million tons of cane we producing roughly the same amount of sugar maybe a little bit one or two tons thousand tons more but it will be roughly the same like last year in terms of sugar production, this estimate is below what we had initially estimated we would have produced this crop because we were producing at a similar level of TC/TS as last year it would not be at that level but at the same time we are pleased that we have been able to push this forward into the season and we have been able to mitigate some of the effects of having that two months delay in the start of crop; two thing have come up to address that; one is the improvement in the milling rate certainly the improvements and the investments that we made last year, twenty five million dollars of improvements; adding a new cane knife, adding evaporators, juice clarifiers and other equipment have shown the benefits of it this year when we have seen the average milling rate have increased to around seven thousand five hundred tons per day on average, we have been milling eight thousand, nine thousand tons in some days but on average we have been milling seven thousand five hundred tons per day compared to last year when we were around six thousand so that has been a mark increase in the milling capacity and there has also been an improvement in the extraction capacity of the mill.”

Sadly cane quality has seen a significant reduction over the last weeks, according to BSI/ASR’s Financial Director Belizario Carballo.

Belizario Carballo- Financial Director BSI/ASR

“We were roughly on target for a significant period of time; I think we started to see the slipperiage of quality in when the first rains came which is about four to five weeks ago and the effects of the rain, the weather and uncertainty of the weather resulted in over burning, farmers over burning and deliveries still being maintained to the mill but at a slower pace but the cane was not of the quality that it should have been we have been trying to communicate with farmers and I know the BSCFA is also been communicating with their members to see how best we can control that over burning with the current weather as it is there should be no reason for there to be that over burning we should go back to the controls that were in place at the start of the crop and see how best we can bring it fresh and mature cane for the remainder of the crop.”

It is not yet known how much cane will remain undelivered. It is the hope of the miller that what remains on the field is Plantcane that can be brought in at the start of the next crop season. The closure of the 2013/2014 crop season is not the only topic that we discussed today with Carballo. He also spoke elaborately on the Bagasse negotiations and gave us the company’s reasons for offering cane farmers a payment of 51 cents per ton of bagasse. He also spoke on the 2017 revised sugar regime introduced by the European Union which will affect the Sugar Industry if certain measures are not set in place. We will touch those topics in tomorrow’s newscast.

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