Screen_Shot_2014-06-26_at_8.17.46_PMLast week we reported on the story with Louisiana Gov’t School student Jose Arciga who was not initially included in the list of top ten performers for the Primary School Examinations issued but the Ministry Education earlier this month, despite getting 365 out of 400 points overall. This grade should have placed him fifth in country and as such a complaint was lodged by the administration of the school to the Ministry and soon it was rectified. He was recognized for his accomplishments yesterday in Belize City and was also present in today’s North awards ceremony. But while Minister of Education Patrick Faber has indicated that efforts have been made to lessen the errors, he also considers them not to be uncommon.

But what does Arciga think? Today he shared his sentiments with reporter Victor Castillo.

Jose Arciga – 2nd Top Performer.

“I felt scared at first like not believing it but my teachers they knew that I wasn’t correct and I felt it deep inside that from way before I told my teacher that I would get a hundred and I did.  The ministry of education they encouraged me and they brought my name out in every possible way.”

We asked Deputy Chief Education Officer Dr. Carol Babb for an update in the situation of queries brought to the attention of the Ministry.

Dr. Carol Babb – Deputy CEO –MOE

“Well with any exam even if it is CXC or any national exam there is a query period and we are looking into that issue for the query period is not over yet because we want to give other students who may have queries to bring forth their query but that issue will be addressed and I think we will have everything completed by next week.”

Jose Arciga ranked second for the Orange Walk District and fifth at the National Level.

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